'Dhak Dhak' girl on the piano...

Madhuri Dixit mesmerizes the audience with her new talent with the piano at the Idea Unforgettable Tour Press Conference...

Our very own gorgeous actress, Madhuri Dixit aptly titled the ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl had a memorable outing with the Bachchan family in the Idea Unforgettable Tour as she pleased the crowds there with her fabulous performance and thousand watt smile.

The sizzling hot mother has won millions of hearts across the globe with her incredible dancing skills and of course her acting. But what took everyone by surprise during the Unforgettable Tour was that Madhuri mesmerized everyone playing the piano too.

The Press Conference of the Tour had Madhuri at the piano giving company to Music Director Shekar; she not only played the music but also sang marvelously and amazed all present there. The musical duo Vishal Shekar were so lost for words seeing Madhuri’s talent that during an interaction with Big B on the show Big B’s Den, they rated Madhuri 8.5 out of 10 for her singing as well as piano skills.

Well, this indeed is Mrs. Nene at her versatile best!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Madhuri Dixit

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And I can say this a zillion times!!!!!!

15 years ago

oh how i wish she was still in the industry

she is truely a legend!!

15 years ago

wow, didn't know she's played the piano... sad i missed that!!!


15 years ago

i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her!!! she's my fav. actress since childhood. I hope she keeps coming in the movies. SHE's an all-rounder...

15 years ago

love her...she is multi faceted for sure....n shes looking gorgeous in that pic.....heres wishing her the very best in life

15 years ago

i remember many years ago in some filmfare awards she played the piano....the song was bohot pyar karte hain, tumko sanam from saajan...she was looking gorgeous as ever and played the piano soooooo welll!!!!

15 years ago

Madhuri is looking gorgeous in that picture. She is one of the best dancers in film industry.

15 years ago

great madhuri can use her other talents to fall back on when she gets tired of acting.

15 years ago

She is mindblowing,Queen of Bollywood dancers!!!!

15 years ago

thats so good
i loved her since b'fore
she's one of my fav

15 years ago

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