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Devyansh Tapuriah's slam book!

TellyBuzz brings to you the Sunday Kids Celebrity slam book section with Devyansh Tapuriah...

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Cute and talented child actor Divyansh Tpuriah who plays Ved on Shashi Sumeet's Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus, answers our celebrity kids slam book questions.

Birthday: 26th September.  

Nick name: Rajkumar, Ved and Dev. I am being known as Dev because Ved and Dev are similar names.

Hometown: Rajasthan.  

Describe yourself: I love being naughty and I love playing.  

Hobbies: Cycling, swimming, playing football, reading, playing, watching TV, Driving cars.

Favorite movies:  Tevar, Avengers, Iron Man and Transformers.

Favorite actor: Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are my favorite actors and I want to do movies with them. 

Favorite subject: Maths.

Favorite cartoon characters: Doremon. 

Naughtiest person on the sets: Its me.  

Your deepest fear: Snakes, ghosts and cockroaches.

Favorite dish:  Chinese Bhel, Babycorn Manchurian and Dosa made by my Mom.

Song you are humming these days: Love Dose.

Favorite TV shows: I watch my show Diya Aur Baati Hum and Tu Mera Hero.

Describe your daily routine in short: Early morning I go for jogging, then I come home, take a bath and have my breakfast, then I go to school and after my school, I go for my shoots. I also do exercise on sets. After my pack up I reach home and then I go for cycling then I come back home and take a bath. I watch television, have my dinner and then I go to bed.

What is your favorite pass time during your free time on the sets: I play with my friends, I play games on my iPad, I study or sleep.

Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: Sea Link, Nariman Point, Babulnath Temple and Govinda's.  
You are incomplete without: My Mom, dad, sister and my entire family.  

A day when you cried a lot: When my dad was leaving for Kolkata as I love him so much and miss him when he is not there with me.  

Message to your fans: I love you all. Please keep watching the show as I will give more good scenes.

Anwesha Kamal

Salman Khan Amitabh Bachchan Sumeet Mittal Shashi Mittal Devyansh Tapuriah Tu Mera Hero  Diya Aur Baati Hum  Star Plus 

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WorshipGod123 5 years ago God Bless U Dev :)
Keep rocking with Anas
Veraj rockzzz :)
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ukgal62 5 years ago I can tell you are full of masti with those beautiful eyes and cute smile... God bless! Love the scene where you get bathed by sandhya and suraj... Too cute! Keep up the good work young man!
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DEBOLINA96 5 years ago Aww my cutie baby's slam book! :D It's such a co-incidence that Anas has given me the name 'Dev' & addresses me by the same,& right after that,YOU entered his life..& your name happens to be DEVyansh & also your nickname is DEV!!! :D

Devyansh,i love you as much as i love Anas! :* You're an exceptionally talented Actor at such a tender age! And love & adore your UNIQUE & UNCONDITIONAL relationship with Anas OFFSCREEN! It is almost same as it is ONSCREEN between 'Vedh' & 'Sooraj'! :) Just like 'Vedh' & 'Sooraj' can't live without each other,your & Anas' relationship also is the same! No matter what people say,'VeRaj' is the ONLY REASON which has made DABH loveable again..& this is known to the WHOLE TEAM of well as "us"!! Keep it up dear!
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Rosy.L 5 years ago Hi little fellow.
I was searching for ur biography . Thank u so much TB.
Darling ! love ur acting on DABH show. keep rocking as Ved . And may u get more scenes to act with Papa Suraj. Wish u all the best Divyansh !!
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Abiiiiii 5 years ago Devyansh u rock as Ved
Keep rocking
Missing VeRaj scene
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Sule 5 years ago Devyansh you are very talented. You rock as Ved & the chemistry with Anas(Surai) is simply superb. Keep rocking & give us more & more VeRaj(Ved & Suraj) scenes. Wish you all the best!
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Neeru_NJ 5 years ago very talented kid devyansh...Ved's chemistry with suraj is mind blowing. Thanks TB for the article.
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Anju_ 5 years ago Devyansh you rock as Ved. All the best
DABH rockz2015-05-24 04:36:26
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MJV2 5 years ago Divyansh you are very talented and adorable. Simply love you as Vedh. Keep it up.
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Mohabbateinn 8 years ago This entire paragraph is a run-on.

"Well, Khan's decision goes to show how life goes on each day as society steps an inch closer to the technological world of Internet and it's popular networking sites, exchanging phone numbers has taken a dip lower than ever while the exchange of facebook and twitter identities has become a more suitable method of communication in today's era, even for celebrities."
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