'Deepali had everything to be the next Indian Idol'- Puja Chaterjee

The Dhanbad Dynamite Puja Chaterjee, from Indian Idol talking about the voting trend seen in Indian Idol and much more...

Puja Chatterjee, the 'Dhanbad Dynamite' is a power house of talent! She is a classically trained singer who has learnt Indian Classical, Western Classical and instruments. She brought tears in the eyes of the toughest judge of Indian Idol, Annu Malek with her emotional song performance. What more can you expect from a person who belongs to an artistically inclined family? She is one of the most versatile singers of Indian Idol who has touched the heart of many viewers and has gathered a huge fan base.

Here is Puja Chaterjee answering the quick fires just for you:

You saw the controversy for Performer Vs Singer. What do you think should be the basis of winning these contests – Is it performance or singing?

Puja: I agree with Javedji, singing is most important thing. Performance while singing is the way in which we show our feelings and expressions to the song.. It is mostly the body language with which we sing a particular song. As a playback singer, one will need to sing and not perform. So for me, singing is the area to be focused on . You need good quality singers as playback and not great performers.

If you were to choose your Indian Idol, who would it be?

Puja: It has to be Emon!!

Why do you think the girls are not getting the support from public?

Puja: Actually, boys don’t vote, girls go crazy and can go to any extent to keep their votes going. The girls vote with all their heart, they just fall for the guy and vote. Boys do not have such a vibrant enthusiasm; they are more towards appreciating a girl’s talent and moving on. Nobody votes a lot for girls, this is a fact. I would request all that they should vote for us too.

If you get an opportunity to bring back one contestant eliminated - who would it be?

Puja: Ofcourse, Deepali! I was extremely shocked to see her go out. She had everything in her to be the next Indian Idol. I do not know how public left her. She had to be here till the end. When she got eliminated, I told her one thing. Whatever it may be, I am your Fan.

Why are the girls in Bottom 4 every time?

Puja: Deepali was my room mate. Me, Emon and Deepali were thick friends. We used to tell ourselves before every elimination episode, that we 3 are always reserved for a slot in the Bottom 4. If you notice, me and Deepali have been in and out of the Bottom 4. Its really sad that Deepali is gone. Nobody thought she would go. In the last Gala, her performance was the best..

Now that Deepali has gone, do you think we still have a chance of getting a girl as Indian Idol this time?

Puja: Let’s hope for the best. I don’t think we have a big chance. But we need to work hard to get to be called Indian Idol. Even if we are eliminated, we need to fulfil our goals. That should be our aim. I always look for versatility and will concentrate on that. It is really unfair to compare a girl’s performance with a boy’s because their way of singing is totally different. Lataji’s voice can never be compared to Kishoreji and vice versa. I would say, May the person with bundle of talent accompanied by great singing and performance skills, good personality and attitude be the Next Indian Idol.

Who is your source of inspiration to pursue music?

Puja: It has been Lataji and Kishoreda. But my idol has been Asha ji, I admire her for her versatility and I aim to be versatile like her.

If one day you wake up and find out that the art of singing has been erased from the planet earth, what song’s lyrics do you think would best describe your emotions?

Puja: Firstly, Chullu bhar paani main jaake dhub maroongi…There is no life without music. Don’t worry, this will never happen. We have good talented singers coming in ever new generation, I always hope that singing and appreciation for songs stays forever.

We really wish that Puja's Hard Work and Sincere Prayers come true! With her versatality, her sweet voice and fabulous persona, she is truly an Indian Idol in the making!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Barnali, Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (26)

very well said puja! i didnt knew she waz tht smart :D

16 years ago

Thank u so much for this!

Puja is so under-rated... and such a powerhouse of talent; and my dynamite is hella smart as well.
Not to forget simply gorgeous...

ILuvPuja :)

16 years ago

ya go puja
way to stand up for deeps
miss u deeps

16 years ago

totally agree wid her....d guyz dunt rellie vote a lott!!!
nd definately...versatatility is important!! all d best pujaa!!! nd well said...emon shud be d indian idol =D

16 years ago

well said puja
best of luck to her, emon, n amit =)

16 years ago

Oh I really appreciate ur opinions puji she's such a sweetheart.

16 years ago

its tru mainly girls in india vote i so would vote for a girl, if i was india sspeacially if she has the skills

16 years ago

thank you puja i would vote for a girl if ilived in india =( it was so sad to see deepali leave,i saw how sad you,emon and everyone else was

16 years ago

well said puja...deepali had it all to be the indian idol... miss u deeps. i believe puja is one of the most under-rated contestant in II3... she deserve to stay atleast in top 4... a good singer... and i hope she does stay long in the competition..we already lost a gem like deepali.. we cannot afford to lose good singers anymore.

16 years ago

Aww so sweet...
thanks for the article..

16 years ago

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