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Deadly Top Ten!!

You all must have seen numerous "Countdown Shows" based on songs, movies,actors and on shows.. but what about "Baddies" of small screen..lets see what we have in store for you all..In our Deadly Top Ten.

Published: Monday,Oct 01, 2007 14:02 PM GMT-06:00
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Hello Friends! Welcome to the "Deadly Top Ten Countdown" ,where we will name the Ten Top Most Dangerous andmost Devilish villains and vamps of the Tellywood. Those who leave no stone unturned to create havoc in our idol's life. Though it is strictly on Screen ,yet, somewhere in our subconscious mind ,even we are scared of them, hate them, abhor them, detest them . Lets Rank them right here at Telly buzz and see who are they.As the more Trouble they Spelled the more points the have got from us!
Deadly Top Ten!!

1. Ramola Sikand:

Deadly Top Ten!!
She was the most stylish and fashion conscious vamp we have had in the Television till now . Her bindis, saarees and make up were as much the talk of the town as were her deadly moves. Do we remember about the lead protagonist and their name in the show Kahi kissi Roz? But we still remember her look and her glare which still sends shivers of hatred and dislike down everyone's spne even today. She is one ultimate vamp we had on Television.

2. Komolika:

Deadly Top Ten!!
She started the craze of background score in Indian Television. Just the word "Nikka" was enough to scare the audiences and expect fireworks which would burn the happiness of the lead protagonists of the show. Kzk has tried and experimented with umpteen numbers of villains, from Prem to Sharad to Sam, but time and again they have gone back to Nikka. The testimony to the kind of horror and impact she had on the show can be gauged from the fact that Kasuti Zindagi Kay can do without its original Anuraag Basu but not without their Komolika .And applauds for this should go to all from the actor portraying the deadly ferocious character to creatives, and the character they have carved out.

3.Pia and Jigyasa:

Deadly Top Ten!!
Looks like Kasamh se needs more than one vamps to scare the audience and to keep their interest in the show. Jigyasa a women who just wants money ,lives for it and if in process anyone comes in between, then God help the person, be it her own brother or sister-in- law, she does not care, she is ready to walk over them to get what she wants.. So is Pia whose infatuation and craze have lead to betray her own sister, who looked after her when their parents diedboth are life of Kasam Se as much as Jai and Bani . Imagine watching Kasamh se without any problem in Jai and Bani's life ? Usually movie ends with the tag line "Lived happily Ever After" but on television it means curtains to the show and why would the channel and Balaji end one of the most successful show of recent time !So the tigress named Pia is coming out of her paralysis to play with Jai - Bani's lives again..maybe she was never a paralyticwe just have to wait and watch! As predicting anything about the story of soaps are like trying to grab the sand in your fist...!

4. Sindoora :

Deadly Top Ten!!
Her name personifies..terror.."horror" and we do not need Ram Gopal Verma here.Yes she is the Bandit Queen of Small screen and one of the most Deadly vamps we ever had on small screen. For money she can destroy own family and won't even think twice before killing her own step brother,who treats her like his mother. Her only aim of life is to get the property by hook or by crook. She can hire henchmen's to kill her brother and if in the process her husband becomes paralytic, so be it. She got rid of many characters in the show already ,Surily, another thorn in her life faced the fury of Sindura by not following her direction and there is plenty to follow .Vidya is the ultimate goal she is aiming for since longlets see what she has in store for us in future!


Deadly Top Ten!!
She was probably could be termed as the most dangerous "Other women" in Television history. A women who made life hell for the most famous "Bahu" of Indian television .She entered in life of Mihir and Tulsi as messiah and ended up being as the biggest thorn of their life. She managed to break the jodi of Ram-Sita and that is her biggest accomplishment . You never know when she will be back to torment the lives of Mihir Tulsi again and side the lastest obsessive lover of Tulsi - Thankral! Only time can tell.

6.Pallavi :

Deadly Top Ten!!
She is second to none. As she has made life living hell for Parvati and her pefect Agrawal house. She never proved to be the ideal bahu Argawal family, looked down upon their son Kamal and always ruled over him, though there was phase in the show ,when she turned into sati savitri for few months but her darker side was so famous, that the creative turned her into the real Pallavi without wasting any time. Now she is married to someone else but still the fire of revenge is buring inside her and now she wants the ultimate revenge - to kill Paravti, only then will she be able to achieve her ultimate Goal..Lets wait and watch. For the Time being Pallavi enjoys 6th position on our countdown.

7. Durga:

Deadly Top Ten!!
She hates her daughter in law and only motive of her life is to get rid of her somehow. A very conventional character as her role is simple to play a Monster in law as her son married against her wishes . It was kind of a relief to her when her daughter in law died in terrorist attack on the family .But much to her dismay soon after that her sister descended and is now married to his son. She tried her best to get her married to an older man, but again her own son proved to be the biggest spoil sport in all her evil plans . Now viewers are eagerly awaiting for her next move and is contemplating how she will take her revenge as she vowed to make life more difficult for new "Bahu" Soni.

8.Kuki Kaki :

Deadly Top Ten!!
Who can forget Kuki kaki and her hostile behaviour towards Saloni of Sath Phere, she hated the colour of her skin. Though later it was revealed that her plans were far more deadlier and dangerous then they seemed. She played pivotal role in sending Nahar behind the bars and made him scapegoat of a murder he never committed. Thanks to our Detective Saloni that he got saved and her plans were foiled along with Chandini. Her presence was sorely missed by the viewers, hence the directors brought her again in the show .Now she is back again in Saloni's life and supported Abhi a rapist for her own benefits and is pretending to be a blind! God bless Saloni and her Family from the claws of her .Lets see..till when she can be saved from the hawk eye of our Saloni..a battle viewers love to see.

9.DRS :

Deadly Top Ten!!
Dhirendra Rai Singhania or better known as DRS could be termed as the only most prominent Male Villain of Television right now . For him life starts and ends on two words "Power and money" and he is ready to uproot anyone and everyone that comes between him and his ultimate destination. He adopted his illegitimate daughter Vasudha to treat her as his "Mohra" or as puppet. When puppet has developed her own brain , then for him time has come to end the puppetry show . He is trying to defeat his daughter through his own legitimate children. And if in the process it can put the life of his own children in doldrums its not a too heafty price to pay before his selfish and self-centred goal ! Thats sums up DRS for you. Has he died in the show or another move of his..is for us to see!

Deadly Top Ten!!
10.Tanisha : Life has moved on for mamta she is now mother of 20 something boy. But Tanisha has not changed she is still the same the very cunning and cruel women .! Tanisha is the women who married thrice already in the show and giving tough competition to many lead heroines of Television right now. She got married to brothers for the first two time and now her latest husband has killed her previous husband and she is after the property of her very first husband Akshay got confused? Don't worry, that is the whole story is about!Mamta is ending..but Like the leads, she and her evil deeds will be sorely missed .

Hope you all liked and enjoyed our Countdown show, tell us..if anything can be more deadlier and dangerous than this?? Keep yourself glued to Tellybuzz, you never know whats coming next! Hope you all not scared after reading this..Have a SAFE day!


Deadly Top Ten!!

Concept: Nishtha
Author :Nishtha
Sp.Thanks : Ajita, Minnie
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Not Given @Chippeshwini 16 years ago lol nice :)
love to hate them all.
Ramola Sikand scared the heck out of me when she was in Tumhari Disha
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pinkbubblez @pinkbubblez 16 years ago luvv the article nish!
hate all those baddies:( lol.

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sneha @*~sneha~* 16 years ago lovely article nish di!!!!!enjoyed it completely!
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Uma Srivastava @umi82990 16 years ago WOW!! This special was great!!!

I really like this and agree with the top 10!

Please continue with this!!
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 16 years ago Why is there only one man as a villian? I think Ansh should have made the list... he was a real baddie!!
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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Gracella @TrustYourSelf 16 years ago wow ionly one male and 9 females!!!
great article!!!
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dipti @Cool_Dipti 16 years ago Gr8 topic!..cud have had Maya from DSK as well..She's really a very bitchy character!
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memsaab @memsaab 16 years ago I would also add Ansh Virani in the top 10 list. For me, Sindura deserves No2 position.

There was also a show called Itihaas where the villain was deadlier and you didn't know who it was until the last few episodes..
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priya @Iriss 16 years ago thanx

love ramola sikkand till 2 day just admire everything abt her the way she tackled shaina n kunal hats off 2 her
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