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Critical Review of Reality Shows - 15th and 16th June

This week all the three musical reality shows were totally action packed musical bonanza. From Raag, Reggae to Rage, we had it all. It was a very "Shaking" week.

Published: Monday,Jun 18, 2007 09:50 AM GMT-06:00
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Critical Review of Reality Shows -  15th and 16th June
The SRGMP episode on Friday started on a really wonderful musical note but unfortunately on Saturday it ended on a bitter note turning into “Rage Darbari”. What performances by both Vishal and Shekhar on Friday!! Friday’s performance can be very well termed as a “Shaky” performance. First the duo shook the audience with a rocking performance. Then Shekhar “shook” his female fans into a very shaky mood of disbelief and heartbreak when he sang a song for his wife. Not only he, but his partner the “Jumping Jack” style dancing Vishal shook the stage as well, with such musical jumps!

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Critical Review of Reality Shows -  15th and 16th June
Performance wise, it was really good this time. The surprise package was Raja Hasan, hitting the right notes at right time, proving his rightful place in the “Hit Gharana”. The rest of the participants also were very good. It was amusing to watch Himesh. He was following Bappida’s policy of “Silence is Gold” and took it to such an extent that it seemed he has sealed his lips using glue. But seems Bappida has gone for a makeover from “Golden Silence” to “Glittering Exuberance”. He did not leave a single chance this week to sing or pass a comment.

Critical Review of Reality Shows -  15th and 16th June
Khayyam Saab finally on the “final day” decided to give some original copies of advises to the contestants instead of the “Xerox Copies” of the mentors. But unfortunately he ended into creating a new controversy. Mouli even after performing badly got saved because of the “Maiya Maiya” jaadoo. But that was not to be with Sikander. Infact instead of Joy it was Sikander who should have got the green card on Friday itself. Nirupama’s green card on Friday also is questionable since there were better performances. Elimination of Jyoti was a controversial decision and that too after a good performance. It seems after Bappida, Khayyam Saab took a makeover from “Xerox Copy” policy to straight into “Wrong Calls”! Poor Sikander and Jyoti ended up being “Missed Calls”. And like Ashaji even Khayyam Saab decided not to comment on how the decision was taken even after Ismail Durbar asked for explanations but best was to notice that like Ashaji Roshan too opted to sneak out of the show instead of facing the “Rage Darbari” music.

Critical Review of Reality Shows -  15th and 16th June
Musical shows used to be purely musical once upon a time. But this year’s trend seems to be more on “face the music” shows! These fights between the judges and mentors, seems to be becoming a part and parcel of every musical talent hunt show on air. This week SVOI too saw some really good performances but with it some really disgusting fighting among the judges. The way these judges are passing comments on the participants is also in very disheartening and in poor taste. They don’t understand that these contestants too deserve some respect. No one is born perfect. The judges can critic the performance, give insightful advices, but why should they get personal and insulting? The same judge’s fight could be seen in Indian Idol as well. Seems all the three shows just now are not for the “hunting” talented contestants any more but for “hunting” each other down. Talent hunt is getting diluted, more than singing, the shows just now are concentrating more on who can make who dance to his or her tune. It’s really unfortunate.

Contact Writer: PM Barnali

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simz @live_life 16 years ago srgmo is the best of the lot followin wid indian idol n VOI
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Super Kool
Suvarna @Super Kool 16 years ago Thanx.SVOI is too much of drama.I cant understand the problem of th judges.they all have a very high opinion about themselves.They should stop acting so pricy.
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naam mein kya hai Jaani!!! @Kiran. 16 years ago Yep...Sikander should have got the green card. He sung so well and still didn't get through. It was very unfair judgement.
Thanks for the review.
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red chilly
red chilly @red chilly 16 years ago atleast there is one show vch has more of good singing n less of drama n tht is indian idol
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s @mermaid_QT 16 years ago Brilliant episode thanks to vishal shekhar.
nice article too. tfs.
can't get enough of these two. i would love to attend a concert. hope they're planning one soon.
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buttercup @buttercup 16 years ago i cant still gett over with shakky's performanceeeeeeeeeeeee
aaaaaaaaa it was soo ogood
and vishal actually surprised me..he was too good..

but i luv shakky moreeeeeeeeeeee
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Anishma mahabier @anishma24 16 years ago awesome review!! i always look forward to your reviews!
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neha @neha28 16 years ago very well written..
agree with u comptely abt SVOI...it was soo disheartening to see the judges act tht way
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Hima @j&b84 16 years ago wht u said is so true.......the so called judge's are after each for no reason
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