CID to promote Rowdy Rathore

Akshay and Sonakshi will be seen promoting Rowdy Rathore in a weekend special episode of CID

The CID team just got Rowdier with the presence of Rowdy Rathores in their team.  Action Hero Akki along with his Rowdy Rathore muse the chirpy 'Sonakshi Sinha' will be seen with the efficient CID team promoting their upcoming flick 'Rowdy Rathore'.

The duo will be seen in a weekend special episode of the show. Both Akshay and Sonakshi will save the life of a small kid who is kidnapped and is crucial to the 'CID' team in their investigations. Both have gone all out in helping the crime busters nab the goons.

In a scene straight out of the Bollywood action movie, Rowdy Akshay performers breathe taking stunts in an attempt to catch the bad guys. ACP Pradyuman will be in all praises for the action hero!!!


Akshay Kumar Sonakshi Sinha CID 

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Wistfulness 8 years ago I don't mind anybody's presence but dislike these film promotions a lot.
Dollar_Dreams 8 years ago I don't welcome these kind of movie promotions in CID..CID is one of the best program.2012-05-25 02:34:37
exoticabazaar 8 years ago Congratulation and all the best for future..
visrom 8 years ago I hate film promotions in CID. It's stupid, nonsensical. Thanks to Aditya sir for vanishing from that scene.
Ishya 10 years ago Im really looking forward to it, the music released a year ago and I was wondering why I couldnt find any promos. But that was becoz the movie never released haha. I am really looking forward to a movie with a good STORY, coz that's lacking in most recent movies. The promos look good.
PinkLady09 10 years ago It doesn't sound any different from other spritual movies hopes it gud as he makes it sound
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