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Chit-Chat with Neev and Prachi

A very exclusive chit-chat with the young jodi from Kayamath, Neev and Prachi!

Published: Thursday,May 24, 2007 00:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Star Plus’ relatively new show, Kayamath, has become one of the most popular shows on television. Along with an excellent star cast and a good storyline, one of the key reasons for its success is its young and fresh lead couple.
Chit-Chat with Neev and Prachi
Jay Bhanushali and Panchi Vora won the hearts of millions with their characters of Neev and Prachi in Kayamath. Their jodi is loved and adored by millions of viewers and this has made them one of the most popular couples gracing the small screen. On one hand where Neev’s cute smile and charming attitude made him one of the most popular guys on TV, Prachi’s innocence and sweetness made her a household name.
Today, we catch up with the two young stars and ask them some special questions. Read on as they tell you everything about themselves, including how they got into the show and what they think about the show. Find out the reason behind their successful jodi and hold your hearts as they give very special messages to the people of India-Forums!

If it isn’t his cute smile, its his carefree attitude; Jay Bhanushali, who plays the character of Neev, never fails to make a girl’s heart skip a beat. Here is an exclusive interview with the star himself!

How did you land up in the lead role of 'Neev' in this serial?

Well, actually I was doing ads for many products. One such ad was for Rediffmail. Ekta’s friend and associate saw me in that ad, and probably talked to Ekta about me. Then Ekta called me for an audition, I had to go thro a Mockshoot, and other tests before I was selected. I got a confirmation call in 2 hours of the tests and here I am, before you all as Neev.

If you could change one thing about your character, what would you like to change? How much can you relate with your character?

Frankly speaking, Neev and Jay are one and the same guy. The way in which I would react to situations is exactly the same as Neev reacts.. So if anyone wants to know more about Jay Bhanushali, they just need to analyze my character of Neev.. Neev is just a mirror image of Jay.. I am very happy with my role, so I would never change anything in it.. When I shoot, I don’t do acting, everything I do comes out naturally, because this is the way I am , exactly like Neev.

Chit-Chat with Neev and Prachi
What do you think its about Neev that makes him so popular among girls?

There are 3 things in Neev that make him every Girls’ Favourite. Neev’s Cute smile, his One liners and his style of doing romantic scenes… But first comes the smile..

How is your on-screen and off-screen chemistry with your co-star, Prachi?

Very good yaar.. We both gel with each other to the T. We both are really very kiddish , even in real life. This kiddish behaviour is also shown in our love story too. If you see, our love story is not a mature love story but it has more of childishness involved. Behind the screen, we really have fun and masti, this actually gets reflected onscreen too , this is why our chemistry onscreen is liked by all.

Any embarrassing memories on the sets of Kayamath?

Yes, there was one scene where I had to throw the Dandiya stick behind, without turning back.. So when I shot this scene, the dandiya stick fell on Eijaz’s head twice.. I was shocked.. to see Eijaz giving me an expression “Why always me???”

What is your take on the current storyline (Inder's death on Neev-Prachi's wedding day)?

This track was discussed and decided long time back. So we all knew it was coming. Inder’s death is a crucial twist to the story as now, there will be a drastic change in the lives of Neev and Prachi. Actually , this is one interesting track, I am waiting eagerly to get the response from viewers..

What is it that you think makes Kayamath work?

The chemistry between Neev and Prachi… The whole look of Kayamath, one thing you would notice in this is that all the stars who are part of it are rather young. I guess this new look of actors is the catch point for this serial being a hit.

take on Neev-Prachi as a Jodi? How do u feel when viewers admire you both for the wonderful chemistry u have on screen?

It really feels good when we get to know that people like our jodi. I thank all the viewers who like me and Prachi.. That’s it..

Any message for your huge (female) fan base on IF?

I would like to thank all who watch me and love me. It is because of you all, that I am here today. Without your love and support, I would not have been anywhere. I would ask all to show your love in the same way and love me more.. I promise to do a great job in future as well.

I always admire and love the way members in India Forums write about me.. I visit India Forums regularly, I am there on the forum every night.. I go through all the posts, all the threads, I read about what girls discuss about me.. I am not a registered member, but I am very active in IF. It feels good to read all the reviews and nice comments made by members on the forum. They just motivate me to do more and work harder.. Thanks for everything.

While Neev steals your heart with his mischievous nature, Prachi, played by Panchi Bora, wins your heart with her sweet and gentle nature. Her innocence is appealing and her naivety can make you fall in love with her.
How did you land up in the lead role of 'Prachi' in this serial?

Actually, I got a call from Balaji, they insisted that I play the lead role. But I was not sure of it as i was doing my graduation then and wanted to finish it. So I refused. Then I went to , my native place and when I came back to my apartment in Pune, I had a letter there at the door, which was from Balaji. I called them and got to know that Ekta wanted to meet me. So I met her, got to know more about the role. Finally I was convinced and accepted the role..

If you could change one thing about your character, what would you like to change?
Chit-Chat with Neev and Prachi

I don’t think anything needs to be changed, my character is well thought. I love the innocence, simplicity in Prachi, that makes her adorable.. I just love playing Prachi.. Everyone tells me that I play it well… She is very Simple and not complicated.. If at all I would love to change anything, then I would like to make her less sacrificing , she is too selfless…

How much can you relate with your character?

I relate very well to the character. When Ekta narrated the story to me, I just fell in love with the character because Prachi was exactly like me… I still remember the words Ekta told me – Be the way you are, Prachi is exactly how you are… Ekta is really happy with the way my role has shaped up, all of us are happy

Do you think Prachi's niceness is her strongest as well as weakest quality?

Yes, it is true that some take advantage of this character in her… But it is also a fact that people love her sweetness, love her simplicity, so probably I will accept her as she is.

How is your on-screen and off-screen chemistry with your co-star, Neev?

He is a very good friend, a very nice costar. He irritates me with his tantrums at times, but he is a great support system too. The atmosphere on shoot is very nice, he is a good person to work with.. I do not like him getting closer to me in romantic scenes.. So he understands this, tries to cover up and helps me out.

Infact all the costars in this serial are great.. Sanjeeda is a very good friend of mine. We both are the naughtiest people on the sets. Shabbir is really good, he is very down to earth. Nobody there has attitude problems and this in itself creates a nice atmosphere on the sets..

Any embarrassing memories on the sets of Kayamath?

Nothing that I can think of… But whenever I have messed up with dialogues or scenes, that gets embarrassing..

What is your take on the current storyline (Inder's death on Neev-Prachi's wedding day)?

This is really an important twist to the tale. I was very worried about my expressions and acting in that particular death scene.. But I was much relieved when my family and friends told me that I had enacted pretty well. This is a big phase in Prachi’s life, her father was everything to her. He was her support system, she was totally dependent on him. But now, all depends on her, she has to take things in her hand.. Till now, her family was just perfect for her, she was happy.. But her dad’s death has changed her life totally..

What is it that you think makes Kayamath work?

I think it is a sweet love story with amazing characterization. All are perfect, Dadi, mamaji, Neev.. All have a unique touch to their character. This actually stands out in this serial. One nice part , working with this unit is that we get to hear the narration of every single scene. All is well thought, casting is amazing. At times, we get even Ekta narrating the scene to us.. We have time to think over a particular scene and then enact it.. all is planned in advance , so we have lots of time to give the best shot. We have the best director for this serial, the creative team is the best..

Your comments on winning the Naya Sadasya Award in SPA.

I was really excited because this was the first ever award I got in my life.. I grew up as a shy person, always a back bencher. I was always scared of people and huge crowds.. I was afraid of camera… So now I feel really happy to have achieved this. I thank Balaji, Ekta and my guruji for helping me out. I actually started to do law, then realized it was not my cup of tea. So I started doing my graduation. But now, I am happy to ask myself a question - why not acting.

take on Neev-Prachi as a Jodi.. How do u feel when viewers admire you both for the wonderful chemistry u have on screen..

Viewers are loving them, we are damn excited that we are being loved. We were into mock shoots 1 month prior to the start of this serial. Our jodi has kind of lit the scene.. Prachi and Neev knew each other from childhood, they were close.. The serial started with the girl loving the boy, the boy not even realizing that he too loved her. Slowly, he understood that he was in love. Both started to love each other then… They wanted to get married later on.. so this transition was really nice.. We understand each other very well, so that shows onscreen. Ours is not the mushy mushy love story. Ours is not the Chaand Taare le aaoonga, kind of love story. So it is different..

Any message for your huge fan base on India Forums?

I thank everyone for loving me and liking my work. Actually I visit India Forums frequently.. I was really taken aback one day when I saw a video made on the section.. It contained all the Best Romantic and Close scenes of Neev and Prachi.. That was so nicely done, I loved every bit of the scenes. Infact all those scenes are my favourites too. This is one particular video link that I remember seeing in IF. My heartiest thanks to all my fans who like me.

Now that is what we call modesty and sweetness. Jay and Panchi have brought in a wave of fresh air for Indian Television industry with their youthful and carefree attitide which has made the audience fall in love with them in such a short period of time.
Stay tuned for many more interviews and hot gossips as we bring them to you right here on India-Forums: Telly Buzz!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Writer: Naina
Contact Writer: Virgo_stars
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srividya @saividya 16 years ago hai all at the forum. its really nice to know the true nature of prachi. i actually had the feeling that they are so natural that their off screen wud also be th same. so i was right.

good work neev prachi.
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Lil Ms.Sunshine
Sweta @Lil Ms.Sunshine 16 years ago wow..the dandiya's on eijaz was sooo funny!! i could've imagined what his face was like! and Jay is soo sweet!! and so is Panchi..it's nice to see that both are really close to their character! they're jodi is just tooo cute! I love them both. =))
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