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Chit-Chat with Anu Kapoor

A special interview with the talented music artist and the famous host of Antakshri, Anu Kapoor.

Published: Wednesday,May 30, 2007 11:52 AM GMT-06:00
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He is talented with immense knowledge in the field of music. His name is forever attached to the game of Antakshari. He is none other than the very talented musical genius, Anu Kapoor!
After hosting Zee's Antakshari for many years, Anu Kapoor is now hosting Star One's new show, Antakshari Challenge, with his co-host, Juhi. With Antakshari Challenge's dramatic success, he has once again proven that he is not only a talented artist, but a brilliant host too.

Keep reading for a very special interview with the sharp, professional and experienced host Anu Kapoor as he answers questions regarding his new show, his co-host and much more!

Chit-Chat with Anu Kapoor

How was your journey on Antakshari this time?

It's a journey that has just begun on the 9th of february and I have a long way to go. But overall, it has been great.

You have been associated with Antakshari for a long time now. So was there any difference between what you have felt before when hosting antakshari and this time around?

Yes, it is a little bit different, the format is different. The long innings on Zee was very different. The channel, the emotions and the approach, everything is very different.

So which one did you enjoy more? The earlier version or this one?

I was very emotionally attached to the previous antakshari on zee. But this one is my present, my 'reality'. Star is a very good paymaster and very professional, so I am very happy with them.

So how was it working with Juhi?

Fine, no problem. (pause) I have never had any problem with anyone.

You pulled off an April fool gag it seems so there were a lot of rumours floating around.

Not me, it was not my idea. I do not believe in such gimmicks. It was the producer's idea and sometimes we have to play along with it.

Were the results as expected, or were you surprised?

No. It was a very close battle between the West and the Central Zone and the deserving team one.

Chit-Chat with Anu Kapoor

If you had to bet on any one team, which would you have chosen?

The teams which were consistent in performing, either Central or West.

Being synonymous with antakshari now, how much input do you have in the formatting of the show?

Now this is a question you need to ask my unit people as to how much I contribute towards the show. It's not for me to answer.

Well, this is the Genius at Work, Anu Kapoor for you all. We certainly believe that Antakshari without Anu Kapoor is hard to imagine. Along with being a great host, his great knowledge in music is remarkable. Kudos to this musical genius!

Reporter: Minnie
Writers: Virgo_Stars, Minnie

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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago Thanks..umm hs answers were lil diplomatic..hmm
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 16 years ago Great article.. Thanks for Sharing... Antakshari and Annu Kapoor are really synonymous
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