Celesti Bairagey : I have broken the image of Rajjo with this role

Actress Celesti Bairagey, who is part of the OTT show Amber Girls School

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Celesti Bairagey
Celesti Bairagey. Image Source: Instagram

Actress Celesti Bairagey, who is part of the OTT show Amber Girls School, says that the role is very different from what she has played before. She adds that she learned a lot in the show.

“It was a challenging and fun role to play. Ojas is a fifteen-year-old Punjabi girl from Chandigarh. I got the opportunity to learn to speak Punjabi and also to get back to my school days,” she says.

The project was shot in Patiala and Chandigarh. “It was a very hectic and packed schedule of 45 days. There was a flood in Patiala when we were shooting there. Most of the scenes were shot in Mahendra College, Patiala. The people of Patiala were so kind and helpful. I had a great time enjoying Punjabi cuisine and a lot of lassi,” she says.

Talking about her last role in the show Rajjo, she says, “Rajjo was a very different character from Ojas and I think that I have broken the image of Rajjo by playing this character.’

She adds, “I feel extremely grateful that I got an opportunity to play this character. The response that Amber Girls School is getting is so overwhelming. It is currently the number 1 trending show on Amazon MiniTV. Couldn't have asked for more.”

The actress says that this is the best time to be part of showbiz. “OTT took a great hold on the audience onset of COVID lockdown. And now people have their own shows they have a hold on and keep eagerly waiting for the following seasons to come up. Also, OTT is bringing up amazing content,” she says. 

She adds. “I always wanted to play a grey character. I would love to play a grey character if given an opportunity to.”

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