Madirakshi Mundle draws inspiration from Sridevi for her first negative role in 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak'

Madirakshi Mundle, portraying Shaina in Colors' 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak, is grateful to Colors for entrusting her with bringing a big twist to the show.

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Madirakshi Mundle
Madirakshi Mundle, portraying Shaina in Colors' 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak'. Image Courtesy: Colors

The enthralling tale of 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak' on Colors has captured audiences' hearts with its blend of reincarnation and real-life drama. Starring Karamm Rajpal and Trupti Mishra as Rajneesh and Poornima, the romantic thriller follows the journey of two lovers destined to be together against all odds. Viewers are praising the actors for their impeccable performances and undeniable chemistry. 

In the current storyline, Rajneesh is heartbroken by Poornima's demise but finds solace in an encounter with an aghori who connects him with Poornima's spirit. As the plot unfolds, Shaina, played by Madirakshi Mundle, adds twists with her cunning schemes. Despite her usual positive roles, Madirakshi draws inspiration from Sridevi's iconic performance in 'Laadla' for her portrayal of the conniving Shaina.

Madirakshi Mundle, portraying Shaina in Colors' 'Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak', shares, "As a fan of the legendary Sridevi, her character of negative roles has always stunned me. When this role came to me, I immediately knew that she was my point of reference. I'm very blessed to have the chance to borrow inspiration from my idol for a show that's garnering a lot of love. I have been part of shows that are household favourites even now, and all of them featured me in positive roles. I was hoping for a project that showcased my range as an actor, and a lot of offers came my way to diversify my acting repertoire, but I was waiting for something that thrilled me. I am immensely grateful to Colors for entrusting me with bringing a big twist to Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak." 

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