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Celebs share their low key Navratri plans

From Savi Thakur to Aniruddh Dave, celebrities talk about their Navratri plans amid the ongoing pandemic.

Published: Friday,Oct 23, 2020 07:16 AM GMT-06:00
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The festival of Navratri has already begun. But with the cancellation of Graba and Dandiya events, it's going to be a very low key celebration this year. So here are some celebs sharing their Navratri plan during the pandemic time. Read on: 

Dhruvee Haldankar: Navratri for me is about holy days of prayers and fasting. I have done my Navratri shopping and I am fasting this year. I shall strongly pray for the well-being of mankind and the end of evil.

Savi Thakur: I love celebrating festivals but this year it’s been all a mess. Now that things have opened up quite a bit and life is getting back to normal with masks, I think Navratri will be kind of the same but yes for sure we’ll avoid fasting because right now immunity cannot go for a toss. So I think one major thing I’ll miss is fasting. I’ll also miss going to see Ravan dahan as it has always been my most favorite thing, but I doubt this year it’ll be organized on such a grand scale.

Khushbhoo Kamal: This year I'll celebrate Navratri at home, no outing, no pandal hopping. I'm not a person who enjoys things in a crowded place, so Garba I won't miss much, but yes I'll miss the Ashtami and Navmi darshan this year. I want to wish everyone a Happy Navratri.

Subuhii Joshii: Navratri is one of my favourite festivals, and it’s very special for me because I fast for nine days, so I celebrate this festival in a very good way. Since I am a DJ also, I used to go for a lot of shows in different cities but this time because of COVID, no shows are happening so it’s kind of sad to sit at home. Instead of playing Garba, I enjoy making people play, but this year I am not doing anything. I am shooting this year so I won’t be able to do anything. I will be working this Navratri but I will keep my fast as always.

Sucheeta Trivedi: This year Navratri will be extremely low key and it should be low key anyway because social distancing is a must. People should just sit at home and pray to god and reflect on cases like Hathras and rapes of young girls or in general what we are doing to women, and what is happening to our society. So on these nine days, we should just sit and reflect and pray for peace. Every year I travel to my native place Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and do yegna of the goddess, and this year also my husband and I will travel.

Urvashi Upadhyay Sharle: Whenever we think of Navratri it is very difficult to say which one was memorable because I do full dhamaal in Navratri. Being a Gujarati and a classical dancer I wait for this festival the whole year. I start Navratri preparation three months before the festival because nine days means nine different colours of Chaniya-Choli with different jewelry and creating new steps for Garba. I always try to do something special. From school till now I have won many awards for best Garba but this time because of COVID it is not possible. Even last year I did not celebrate Navratri because I lost my mom. But the Navratri in 2018 was special because there was an inter-school Garba competition at my son's schools and I won the award, which made my son very happy. 

Bhavesh Kumar: I don't think I will be doing anything this year because the COVID cases are still increasing and you can contract the virus from anywhere. So it's better to stay safe than be sorry later. I think even Goddess Durga will understand the plight of her kids this year and will forgive us for not celebrating it grandly. My fondest memory would be doing Havana at home with all my uncles, aunts, and cousins, followed by a prasad. 

Kettan Singh: I am going to stay at home and do all my puja here. My mom lives with me so before stepping out for anything I need to think of her as well. So, I am not going anywhere. But yes, I will miss playing Garba this year. I pray that Maa Durga gets things back to normal, I have no other wish for this year. 

Rishina Kandhari: With so much happening in the country regarding women and women's safety, I feel it's better to have a low key celebration this year. I will miss playing Garba, but I am glad that the events have been canceled because of COVID. Other than that I guess I will miss the special Bengali Khichdi Bhog Prasad. That's the best part of Navratri and no matter what you do, you can't make it taste like the Bhog Prasad on normal days.

Aniruddh Dave: I will miss two things this year, first is of course Garba, second is Pandal hopping. But keeping in mind the current pandemic situation I am going to stay at home and do all my pujas here. Health and safety come first, and I am sure Durga Maa will understand.

Whare are your Navratri plans?

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