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Celebrate this Valentine's Day with Dill Mill Gayye

This Valentines Day "Dill Mill Gayye" is going for a special DMG Valentines Day episode. Viewers (couples) are selected from a DMG contest

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, Dill Mill Gayye joins in the fun to celebrate the lover’s day in their own style. The doctors chose a different way to express their feelings. The team selected four couples from their audience and had an interesting competition among them to select the most romantic couple.

Round 1: The chosen couples have to propose to Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima by impersonating a character… the brief of the character and costume is given to them on the spot. Following this round one couple gets eliminated leaving behind three couples.

Round 2: All the couples have to sell something to the audience and convince them how much they love Armaan & Riddhima. Girls have to sell ‘I love Armaan’ T-Shirts and the guys have to sell ‘I Love Riddhima balloons!

Round 3: The couples are given the task of filling up the maximum number of balloons in a basket. But their legs are tied… So it is to judge how well they understand couple chemistry and how well they can work in co-ordination with each other.

Round 4: In the final round, the last two couples remain. The winner will be the one who chooses the most unique way of proposing to one another!

Each exciting segment is hosted by the different characters of Dill Mill Gayye. Dr. Armaan & Dr. Riddhima decide the winners of the DMG Valentine Special Contest!


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pinky_blueskies 12 years ago loved this valentine special! it was great! ;p
*Armaan* 12 years ago This content is hidden.
dmg_sonia 12 years ago cant wait 4 will be soo much fun
neha28 12 years ago how did i miss this article....this is sooo hot...

this is prolly the speical epi of 16th feb..cant wait for this
StayStrong 12 years ago What a treat tht is just love it.
Dying to see how Armaan and Riddhima will be looking in this special episode.

Maleka/Love Armi
Too_Much 12 years ago Ufffffffffffffff
i cant understand why i am not able to see the images here too..
apux 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Desii.Babiie 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Bubbly_Shelly 12 years ago That is totally awesomeee! :D

Can't waitt for it.. hopefully we'll be able to see it.
kisnatulsi 12 years ago can;t wait for this ...this is going to be awesome!!!!! how ahhhhhh !!!!!! im going to india too!!! lets go together!!!
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