Catch the Jjhoom India Jodi - Roshni Chopra and Vinod Rathod

Sahara One is all set to start the unique Actor-Singer paired Reality show, Jjhoom India from this Friday. Here is Telly Buzz talking to one of the Jodi - Vinod Rathod and Roshni Chopra..

After successfully completing their first reality show "Biggest Loser Jeetega", SaharaOne is now ready with their next reality show "Jjhoom India". In this show, soap stars will be coached by singing stars to sing and perform on stage, in front of a jury and live audience. Each performance will be a duet where these soap stars will perform alongside their mentors - the singing stars. We here come with a chit chat with one of the Jodi's – Vinod Rathod and Roshni Chopra.

Read on to catch an exclusive interview with the one of the jodis of Sahara's Jjhoom India.

Roshni Chopra
What made you join this role?
Jhoom is a unique concept. It's the first singing reality show for the stars and celebrities. This gives me a chance to explore my talent as a singer. My family always told me that I have a gift for music, and now is my chance to find out whether I really have that gift or not.
What are you looking forward in the reality show?
I am looking forward to interacting with both the judges, especially Shabana Azmi, as I am a great fan of hers, though I am very scared of Mahesh Bhatt ji. Also, this show is going to help me shed a lot of inhibitions. As an actress, I have not really needed to open up as such as a person, and I am very scared of doing certain things, like singing in front of a live audience. Moreover I would also like to show the people the real Roshni. So far they associate me only with Pia.
One comment about your partner
He is a very positive and an encouraging person. He is very busy, so does not get much time to rehearse, but whenever he gets time, he makes up for it. He takes away all the nervousness and fear.
Have you had any good/bad/funny experience when it came to singing?
I had some crazy experiences right before the start of the show. I was away in Singapore for Zee Carnival, so did not get enough time to practice. I came back on the day of the shoot, and when I started rehearsing, I sounded so besura that I freaked out. I went into my van and panicked. Eventually though, I calmed down, practiced, practiced and practiced, and did not do too badly. I hope the audience accepts and loves me, and votes for us.

What made you decide to take part in this show?
This is a singing show, but you see with a difference. In this show, I am not just singing, but making someone else sing along with me. And that is a fantastic new concept for me. Also, we have performances like dancing which is an added attraction for me. Now I get a chance to prove another aspect of my talent.
What about your partner?
I have got a fantastic partner with me – Roshni Chopra. She is you know, like a born singer. When I heard her for the time the only thought that came to my mind was – We will make a really good compatible Jodi. And see now with Gods grace we are the Jodi number one this week in the first show.
So how does it feels being at number one?
It's great!! But now I have to make sure to take care of this number position. Now I have to try to maintain this position. And that means now have to work really hard.
What do you feel personally about the show?
This show is very different from other musical reality shows. Most of them are like talent hunting shows. Here it is not just music but also performance that will matter. The chemistry needs to be perfect between the Jodi's. That makes a nice combination.

We are sure viewers would be waiting anxiously to watch this unique show, with a completely new concept and such popular stars as Roshni and Vinod Rathod as participants. We wish them the best and hope they maintain the number one positions.

For all the action from Jjhoom India, stay tuned every Friday and Saturday at 9PM on Sahara One.

Reporters: Barnali, Minnie Gupta
Author: Barnali

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