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Catch Soumya and Pari, as a Jodi at last!!

Catch an Exclusive Chitchat with the Love Birds of Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki, Soumya and Pari!!Exclusive Pictures and Video included!!

Published: Thursday,May 31, 2007 11:03 AM GMT-06:00
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Catch Soumya and Pari, as a Jodi at last!!
Rajshri Productions’ Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki has kept the viewers glued to their seats for quite sometime now. We have seen Pari emerge as a winner against all odds, we even saw Soumya go thro’ his share of Agnipareeksha and finally winning the heart of Pari. The smile on the faces of Pari and Soumya are back now, as Romance is surely in the Air!!! It looks like the viewers are now enjoying the lovey-dovey and cute scenes between their Jodi Soumya and Pari.

Our reporter Hiral reporting from the sets of Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki says that the actors working in this serial share a great rapport with each other. All by now know that this serial is known for its family values, but the shooting atmosphere is certainly not devoid of this, as the actors too work together as a close-knit family. The sets had a sparkling look as the actors joined in at freetime to have some fun and entertainment. The whole unit was buzzing and all had a spring in their move, which clearly gave an impression that this unit really loves to enjoy and loves to give their best shot always.

Hiral caught up with the two sparkling stars of this serial – Soumya and Pari. Here is the conversation with them.

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Catch Soumya and Pari, as a Jodi at last!!
Let us catch up with Reena Kapoor first.

How was the journey from Rani to Pari?

Reena: It was fun playing both. Pari was different from Rani, although she became like Rani eventually. I was quite excited to play Pari.

You didn’t want to play a 18 year old’s mother, correct?

Reena: Absolutely. I just didn’t want to be an older woman.

Talking about your co-actors, You and Arjun rocked as Prince and Rani and now Amir and you have become the best on screen couple. How did the chemistry click with both of them?

Reena: Its not at all difficult. I do my job as an actress and when I am into my role, I don’t think about anyone else. If you are professional, it doesn’t really matter.

Do you relate to either of your characters?

Reena: Not at all. Rani and Pari are perfect and I am not.

Where do you see the difference between you and them?

Reena: I cant be so nice like her. So many issues with family and listen to everyone. Unfortunately or fortunately, girls like Pari do exist where they cant walk away from the crap. I am lucky to have such a nice family, so may be its easier for me to say all this, but yea, girls exist who need to go thru all this.

Any special moment you remember on the set?

Reena: So many things keep happening. But I cant pin point the funniest.

How has it been working on the set?

Reena: Whenever i go anywhere, I compare the production houses, and I am so glad that im working with Rajshri. It doesn’t feel like you are doing a daily soap. Everyone are so co operative, and at ease. Its not a daily soap issue where people are fainting and on the next day, you read head lines of people fainting on sets and honestly, that’s not something to be proud about. It just ruins your health n the long run, and I’m thank-ful that such things don’t happen at Rajshri.

We heard that you were on a mini vacation. Is that true?

Reena: Oh yes, in fact I just got back today morning. I was at Leh with my husband, brother and my sister in law. It was so over whelming, I cant express in words about how beautiful the pace is. I will strongly recommend anyone to go there. It was -5 degrees there, and the hottest was around 12 degress. It was so refreshing, and I want to tell my husband that we should go every month there. But I know that not possible, but yes, everyone should go there once and explore.

What’s next?

Reena: I am committed for 25 days a month, so I have no time for new projects.

What’s next in the track of Rani?

Reena: A lot of twists and turns are up next… I shouldn’t talk about it much. But yes, a lot of new characters, and more added fun to the story lines.

We heard that Saumya is going to die.. Is that true?

Reena: Really? (laughter) no no, Soumya isn’t dieing, its just a rumor.

Now friends, this is an Exclusive Message from Reena to her fans in IF...


Now moving on to Aamir Ali...

Catch Soumya and Pari, as a Jodi at last!!
Soumya was negative before and positive now, how has the phase been? Was it difficult changing so quick?

Aamir: Well, not really. Saumya had done something he wasn’t suppose to, he wasn’t happy doing that. He went out of his way for the girl who he thought he loved, but at the time same time he was guilty for putting a girl’s life on stake. So he wasn’t really negative, he was just caught up in the wrong circumstances.

How has the chemistry between you and reena developed?

Aamir: I’ve had some excellent tuning with Reena and my Director. It doesn’t mean we sit for hours together before or after the shoot. Its just the way we work and how comfortable we are with one and other which really makes thing click.

Any new projects in the pipeline?

Aamir: I’m shooting 25 days a month here, so I really don’t get time. I am very happy doing this, f something in the long run comes up, then lets see, but yea, nothing else as of now.

Coming back to your character, how do Saumya and Amir Relate? And where do they differ? And what made you opt for the role?

Catch Soumya and Pari, as a Jodi at last!!
Aamir: Well, speaking about opting for the role, the number one reason is the production house. Rajshri is just the best place to work. My crew is just very nice too. And relating wise, my character is different to what I am. So even though you don’t relate to your character, you are your character for 25 days a month, so you do start showing your real self in the character.

How has the Television cricket team coming along?

Aamir: Oh we are done with cricket. it’s the heat!! We will be starting soccer pretty soon in the rains. Can’t wait for that.

Lastly, are you dieing in the show?

Aamir: Oh gosh, no. (Laughter) Who has started this rumor? At least that’s what I know that my character isn’t going to die.

Here is Aamir Ali's Exclusive Message to his Fans:

Well, we just finished saying that these two Love Birds look nice together. But, are we going to see new twists in the story? I guess, we do not have an answer to that... We can just wish that this Loving Jodi of Soumya and Pari remain inseperable forever...

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Writer: Srividya RajeshALSO READ: Pranitaa Pandit: My Karwa Chauth celebrations have not changed since the last 10 years

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monahil @tripple_em 16 years ago i really like wrwmk it just rocks
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Shagun @sweet_shagun 16 years ago Soumya and Pari make such a beautiful couple onscreen, loved the interview it was really fun reading the entire interview... thanks a lot for such a sweet interview.... WRWMK is indeed a good show:$
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