Bobby to don a modern look; monkey man to create troubles in Neeli Chhatri Wale

Zee TV's popular show Neeli Chhatri Wale is all set to gear up with some interesting storyline this weekend.

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Garima Productions' Neeli Chhatri Wale on Zee TV is attracting audience's attention with its unique concept and each episode comes up with a new drama related to Bhagwandas (Yashpal Sharma).

The audience enjoys watching the show as with every episode they get to learn some message and enjoy the chemistry between God Shivaye (Himanshu Soni) and common man Bhagwandas.

Well, in the forthcoming episode the audience will get to see a new look of Bhagwandas' wife Bobby (Disha Savla).

Our source informs us, “Bobby’s college friend will come from Mumbai to stay with them and Bhagwandas will fall for her which will make Bobby jealous. Bobby's sister Baby will advise her to don a new look to attract Bhagwandas' attention. She will turn into a modern look to woo Bhagwandas."

“Well, along with this there is another track where a monkey man will enter their society and will start stealing food from everyone's house. Looking at this many people in the society will be influenced and will become monkey man for doing wrong deeds and robbery in the society.”

Well, this is something audience would love to see as to how the mystery of monkey man will unfold and how will Bhagwandas react after seeing her wife in a modern look.

keep reading this space for more updates.

Aakruti Damani

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swagakevin2 6 years ago This monkey man track was also in MKKPB. I just saw this article & understand ZEE keep using tracks over & over
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