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Bigg Boss opts to go 'Filmy'..

The inmates in Bigg Boss are given a task of enacting famous characters from famous movies for the next three days..

Published: Monday,Oct 20, 2008 18:19 PM GMT-06:00
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The housemates in Bigg Boss are given a task of enacting famous characters from famous movies for three days in a row, and the first film given to them is Devdas.

Bigg Boss opts to go Filmy..
According to our source, “Everyday they will be given a different set of characters to perform. Bigg Boss also provides them costumes and props which they will have to utilize while in character, and whenever the alarm is played, they have to get into the character and stay that way till the next alarm”.

The housemates were given full freedom to choose their character from Devdas. While Raja very aptly chooses to be ‘Devdas’, Diana gets into the skin of Paaro with Monica becoming Chandramukhi. Ashutosh gets to be Chunnilal while Debojit is Narayan Mukherjee, Zulfi is Sumitra and Rahul is Kaali Babu.

“But the anti-climax was that when the alarm rang, there was complete chaos everywhere and the whole act of the housemates was in a mess”, says our source. Finally, the inmates told Bigg Boss that they could not do justice to the roles as they had not seen the movie Devdas. And the result of this was that, they were given yet another movie, Sholay which proved to be a success story for them, as they managed to give some hilarious and mind blowing acts, after getting into the characters..

To find out more, tune in to Bigg Boss only on COLORS, tonight at 10:00 pm.

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jasmeet92 @jasmeet92 6 years ago It is a entertaining movie and the best part of the movie is Paresh Rawal's comedy and i really like this movie.
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salina khan @USMAA 15 years ago i like Paresh Rawal,his soooo funny
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Mehak @Mehak_Petals 15 years ago thanxx for the review..:)

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blaaah @heaven002x 15 years ago ahh its not tht baaadd
liked easha doll in dis movie!she luked pretty..//and acted well..xD
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Ika @-De.De- 15 years ago well, i wouldn't say bakwaas but its not excellent wither...
thankgod i didn't go to cemina for it..lol...is better watching at home.
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Jemini @jsimzia 15 years ago Bakwass movie. should never waste money into this kind of film.
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namjoshi @namjoshi 15 years ago It is a very nice sessions. Rahul is really hero of the game and Raja villain of the house. It is only because of Raja's politics Bigg Boss withdrew the power of nomination of the members and for committing breach of rule the Bigg boss nominated few members. Raja is proved to be a spoiled egg and may destroy the peace of the house therefore he should be dropped from the house.
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kewl @kewl005 15 years ago OMG. These housemates are crazy as hell. They can do anything just to get any amount of money.
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 15 years ago haha..this is going to be a treat to watch!
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punjabi.princes @punjabi.princes 15 years ago thanks!
wow thats a surprise that some of them have not seen devdas.
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