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Bigg Boss ex-contestants Urvashi Dholakia and Gauahar Khan's twitter war!

Bigg Boss Season 6 winner Urvashi Dholakia and Bigg Boss Saath 7 winner Gauahar Khan indulge into a war on twitter.

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While we see fights and conflicts happening between the co-contestants inside the Bigg Boss 8 house, we found one between the ex winners of Bigg Boss happening outside the controversial house too. Well, the argument between Urvashi Dholakia and Gauahar Khan started with a statement that Urvashi wrote in her blog. It read - Gauahar tweeted about how unfair Bigg Boss is, as only TV actresses were winning and nobody else. Now if my memory serves me right, after winning the show, even Gauahar started hosting a TV show. Errrrrr..... toh tumhaare aur hamaare beech mein fark kya hai??? It is the same television industry after all (sic.)

To this statement, Gauahar reverted, Dear urvashi. Yes I did tweet my query on why only tv actresses wld winbiggboss consecutively.But tat was not 2take away frm ur credibility. (sic.)

Gauahar also went on to tweet It was fr d trend in audience voting.N tat changed wid my win last year mch to my surprise..u n imam were my favs too. N I'm a tv persnality. (sic.)

To this, Urvashi tweeted Dear Gauhar just the way u won much to ur surprise so did i , but just the way u have the right ur opinions and thoughts so do I .. (sic.)

Gauahar further went on and tweeted Not a actor on tv yet.. wld love to do tat if it cms my way in future.I wld luv fr my dis to win. N my other fav is gautam who also is frm tv. (sic.)

Well guys, this argument does not end here. It has more to it.

Yet again Urvashi tweeted Gauhar also to clear the air I've shown no disrespect or used anyabusive words towards u or nigar in my blog..I just stated what transpired (sic.) 

She went on...

Gauhar I've known nigar for years and we've shared great times i wish u and her both best wishes & may u both achieve everything you want. (sic.)

To this much polite tweet, not much to our surprise, Gauahar too tweeted in a subtle way-
dear urvashi..wish u great things... N hope u hav ur peace wid my tweet after understanding my POV then... God bless (sic.)

On this much intense argument, we got in touch with Gauahar Khan who said, "I have cleared my point of view and said all I wanted on twitter only. I do not want to comment anything further."

When texted Urvashi, she reverted saying, "I've nothing to say and you have read it all in my tweets referring to my blog."

Well, we believe all's well that ends well!!

Upasana Patel

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KUSfan1 6 years ago aree imam is thousand better than gober cheap aunty blady kamini gober god I hate her soo.much kamini vulgar aunty every one knows that she win d show just because her xbf Mr sachin pay a lot of money show gwd my poor kushal just because this cheap ugly vamp today my kushal became characterless sali kamini 35 do bacho ki ma ki umer ki hokar apnee chotain ladko se ayasi Karti hay kamini koi apni umer ki ladky dhudleti she is and oger kahiki rakshasni GOBER SHUT UR MOUTH REAL LIFE DIANE BITCH
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RatiTheAngel 6 years ago gauhar just go out and then comeback doo so much drama and then win i dnt think soo she is even deserve to be on final and TO tolerate the ppl like imam is big task itself sooo in my point of view uravshi is one of the best and well deserve winner till now love u uravshi ur the best no matter wht other say
2014-11-13 01:04:33
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Ankita__S 6 years ago Why everyone is calling gauhar cheap and other stuffs?? U dont know her personally so stop commenting like that.
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xMIC.Dropx 6 years ago Both are entertaining ROFL
hope to see them together in one season ROFL
BB will be on fire.
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sidnirocks 6 years ago God to much ghahur haterr BT she desrv that blady ugly aunty she thing that showing her addult show in bb7 she is heroine budhi aunty she is paying money to make herself popular god every one knowz that she win that bb7 cz auntyz ex uncle pay money o god somebody SHUT GOBER AUNTIS MOUTH PLZZZ GOBER AUNTY CAN U PLEASE SHUT UR dirty mouth idiot gober kahiki
Reply thumbs-up 10 thumbs-down
Gauahargeous_N 6 years ago Does Urvashi not have any other work that she writes her Bigg Boss blogs all the time? Winning BB6 really didn't do much for her eh?
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dinki24 6 years ago urvashi was a deserving winner unlike gobariya.. Drama queen's nautanki continues even to this date.. Despo Gobar will go to any extent for cheap publicity..
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anmol1 6 years ago hy gober devi ab to bosk do humee sooo funny na she is going to comit with sanaya nia dd type television leading lady god we all very well know that she win BB& cz her ex bf pay alot of money n she is doing same in #sexylist alsoo OMG this gauhor is sooo cheep yr how can she even think that she can compit with SANYA NIA N DD who had such huge fan in every where not only in twitter god she jst nut she forget that there is other social media site we didn,t see any crazzy fan in that area why only in twitter sooo funy .. aree yr it,s obvious that she is paying mony for them hahaha blady auntyz PDA FANZ
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BayAreaGuru 6 years ago They r fighting as if they r still inside the BB house.
Guys game is over so move on !
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katherine123 6 years ago Love you gauhar... You don't have to prove it! You have already proven that by getting maximum number of votes in the HISTORY of bigg boss...:) no one get even one- fourth of the Love you have got!
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