Big Money - Critical Review

Imagine's new reality show Big Money launched last weekend, and here is TellyBuzz take on the Madhavan hosted show..

The makers of the very popular Kaun Banega Crorepati, Big Synergy has given the audience yet another game show with 'Big Money' on Imagine. Completely different in the level of I.Q. when compared to KBC, Big Money caters mainly to the families who have their TV sets on whenever they are at home.

Simple yet refreshing, the questions are either from your favorite television shows, both fiction as well as non fiction, or the popular advertisements shown on TV, your favorite cartoon shows, or news related to sports. This makes the going light-hearted as the participants need not brainstorm on more of the educative General Knowledge questions, and can rather gain knowledge by viewing TV non-stop.

The format of the show is also kept uncomplicated as it needs all the four contestants of the family to answer one question each to make a connection right, and move towards the next highest denomination of money. Insurances given are good enough, but the biggest advantage given to the families after they choose their particular topic is to reposition themselves as per their inclination towards the topic given.

Now moving over to our dear host Madhavan!! He comes across as a friendly and spontaneous host who has a good screen presence. His pleasing smile adds to his charisma. In simple words, Deal ya No Deal, Madhavan is a 'Fix It' when it comes to hosting Big Money!!

Imagine scores this time for thinking different, for bringing in a show which is devoid of the usual drama quotient that heralds most of their reality shows. The going should get better as the coming episodes will be studded with celebrities.

Guess, the only thing that the television viewing audience will miss is an opportunity to make some Big Money by answering questions thrown at them!! Well, the makers can really think of this option to provide viewers a gaming mindset...

Overall Big Money is a fun watch and will keep viewers glued!

India-Forums Rating: 3.5/5

By TellyBuzz Team

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Comments (10)

Maddy looks ek dam solid.Keep rocking man!

12 years ago

when will big money 2011 start?

12 years ago

its a lovely show, but i don't think 3.5/5 is fair enough....the show def. deserves a 4/5 :D and maddy ka tou kya kehna! :P

13 years ago

maddy is really cute,wish i have imagine channel

13 years ago

I watched the first 2 episodes and liked it, though I think the questions are very simply and as of now Madhvan is giving off the answers by his gestures, but I know that would change pretty soon as some serious contestants starts comming in.

13 years ago

i realy like this reality show. I like R madhavan from sea howks his memecary style, saaya in serious role and ghar gamai as funny role i am big fan of him. i like his way of hosting in big money all the best for that

13 years ago

Wish it had come a few years back!!!!!

13 years ago

Maddy Rox Big Time !
I would defo watch de show which is starting dis sat here in de U.K :)

13 years ago

I was looking forward to see it.. Will catch up with it!

13 years ago

i lyk this show!and questions are too easy to answer!
simply LOVE this show!!

13 years ago

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