Bidaai shooting gets stalled

Star Plus’ Bidaai shooting gets stalled as a group of women protest outside its sets…

The shooting of Rajan Shahi and Star Plus' Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai had to stop abruptly as a large group of women protested against it.

We called Producer Rajan Shahi, who confirms this saying, "Yes, a huge group of around 40 women came to the sets in the morning and protested against the shoot. I couldn't reach there o time as I was caught up in a meeting. I reached there by afternoon one o'clock and met the ladies."

Apparently the way the track is proceeding is disturbing the ladies. Rajan says, "The track is such that it shows both the sisters' unity fraying away. The ladies do not want this negativity to be shown in the show. They felt, the audience too will be affected by them. They want the track to go back to the happy days when Sadhna and Ragini were so close that they could sacrifice anything for each other."

"I have scheduled a meeting with them next week and will try to work out a solution keeping the audience's wishes in mind," Shahi signs off.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (64)

i think they should leave the sisters as close ....... dont spoil it

14 years ago

for such a little thing??..arre..yaar..look at our DMG
! lead actors shades kya?..woh toh shed hi ho gaye! hume toh murder karna chahiye phir!

14 years ago

can i jst say i agree wth the bidaai loverz and KiNny ParTnEr i think those people who dnt lyk bidaai wat is the point of thm of spilling rubbish about bidaai its jst rubbish i carnt stand in this article i jst wnt 2 say the audience hav been concentrating on bidaai so much tht is a shock 4 thm this happens sumtimes its not like its a new thing plz calm down those stupid people who h8 bidaai ur jst overreacting 2 mch and showing off if u dnt like bidaai then dnt bother wastin ur time typing about this article go away we dnt wnt bidaai h8ter in our forum as 2 bidaai lovers keep luvin bidaai, ragVir and so will i! bye xxxxxxxxxx

14 years ago

stupid women protesting for fiction based show.........

14 years ago

now a days audience is not naive who does not understand all this publicity stunt done by producers and production house......its verycommon.........and no wonder something or anything keep happening in with rajan shahi's drama..............

14 years ago

oh so many ppl r so engrossed tht they r protesting.....LOLzzzz.......dont take it seriously yaar......its just a serial...

14 years ago

i dont care what the reason and who behind it, i am glad the producer will keep the audience's wish in mind!

14 years ago

I was right...this whole protest drama was staged for the sake of publicity. I can't post the links of other sites as its not allowed on I-F but if u guys search u will find the truth behind this protest being all part of production house's plan to raise its dipped trps.


14 years ago

fazol drama i hate both ladiez huhhhhhhhhhh boring

14 years ago

lmao...the off screen events related to bidaai are more melodramatic than the onscreen ones...rofl!

14 years ago

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