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Bharat Ki Shaan Indian Idol The Search Continues...Excl Pictures

A preview of the theatre round coming on Friday, May 25th at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Check Exclusive Pictures!!!

Published: Thursday,May 24, 2007 23:12 PM GMT-06:00
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Bharat Ki Shaan Indian Idol  The Search Continues...Excl Pictures
As the heat waves soared high,the tension was surely mounting!!The scenes at NCPA Stadium were gripping last week, as the contestants were sweating it out to give their best shot. The Theatre Round, which kicked off last week with a bang, saw the 123 contestants, selected from an overwhelming 25,000 contestants who auditioned from all over India and the overseas, getting reduced to 66. Normally only 60 contestants are selected, but with the vast ocean of talent,the judges had to select 66 of them.

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Bharat Ki Shaan Indian Idol  The Search Continues...Excl Pictures
In this Friday’s episode, May 25, 2007, the viewers will be treated to some fabulous singing, the enormous bonding among the contestants and the fragrance of friendship spreading all over. This is one factor which makes Indian Idol so appealing and special to all. The competition is getting tougher, as Round 2 of the theatre round will see them performing live with real musicians for the first time. 'Synchronisation' will be the key to success this week, an exciting as well as a nerve wracking time for the hopefuls. Only time will tell whether the contestants were able to "Taal Se Taal Mila" with the musicians as well as their co-partners. The air is filled with suspense, anxiety, fear, and a lot more emotions as the contestants prepare for the duet round. Many have found their comfort zones, but there are a few who just haven’t found their nook in this contest.

Our reporters got some inside info on the happenings of this week's epsiode.. So let us take a glance at those.

  • Hum Saath Saath ‘Nahi’ Hain: Well, we are used to Prashant doing the "Left Right Left" as he is the cool cop. But it looks like the tables have turned now, as the cute gal from Amritsar Richa had a major showdown with her partner Prashant and she outrightly refused to practice with him. What makes it more complicated is the fact that Richa decided to practice with Prashant’s roommate and not Prashant.. So what do you think is in store for Prashant? Will he have to pay for the admant attitude of his partner Richa? Is the future bleak for them in round 2 of the theatre round? Will they ever sing together?
  • Time and Tide Waits for None: It looks like Uma from Delhi and Maya from Chennai have not learnt the Moral of the Story yet. They were on the verge of paying a big price in the last round when both of them came late. Now it looks like this has become a Habit for the Duo as they came late even in Round 2. Will the Judges give them the benefit of doubt for the second time running? Will the two breeze through? Keep watching to get answers!!
  • Gussa Theek Nahi Hai: Suhit Gosain, the rockstar from Bhopal and Charu Semwal, the gal from Delhi, are paired together for 2nd theatre round. They combined brilliantly and practiced their song to the tee, back stage, but it is a different story on stage. The nervous Charu forgets her lines. Suhit tries his best and fails. An angry and disappointed Suhit starts blaming Charu and this results in a big showdown. All's well that ends well , when Mini calmed the two down and got them sign the Peace Treaty. So does this mean that this is the end of the road for these two?
  • Singing – An Exhaustive Sport? Saswata Battacharjee from Kolkata was really excited to be in Mumbai for the Theatre Round. He had come to conquer his dreams in Mumbai, but unfortunately, while singing before the judges, he forgets his lines. This shatters Saswata and he faints on stage. Will he be able to cope up with his disappointment? Guess, it wasn’t his day…
Bharat Ki Shaan Indian Idol  The Search Continues...Excl Pictures
  • Compatible Jodis: Meiyang Chang from Kolkata and Aisha Sayed from Mumbai came, sang and conquered the judges. They are termed one of the most popular Jodis of this season. The same could be said about Harshida from London and her partner Padmanav from Delhi. They both were in sync while singing.

Those were the sneak peeks for this Friday's Episode. Catch the II Fever and Experience the Magic of Music!!!

Author: Natasha I.
Contact Author: PM Natasha_I
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Anisha @anisha1129 16 years ago yea II3 iz definitely getting much betta..nd i luv da delhi-london jodi
llolz :D
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ajeebhotum @ajeebhotum 16 years ago its gettin better and better :)

thnxx for the Pictures :D
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KOMAL @komalash 16 years ago cant wait to see wat happens between Richa and Prashant!!!
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Anamika @ana13 16 years ago hey i like Meiyang Chang...hes a gud singer n haas a gr8 manly voice....gud 2 hear tht him n Ayesha Syed r teermed tha best jodi....way 2 go....seriously mee 2 cant wait for 2days epi....
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b_queen @b_queen 16 years ago same here..cant wait till 2nite anymore..comeon 9o'clock come quick
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Pooja @cool_pooja 16 years ago Omg! Thxs a lot for this.. Poor Suhit.. He looked cute wid Charu.. N im waiting to see what wud happen wid Richa and Prashant..
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username88 @username88 16 years ago cant wait 2 wotch it 2day

meiyang rox =D
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Jungli Billi
Billi @Jungli Billi 16 years ago cant wait to see wat happens between Richa and Prashant
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Megha @mango-frost 16 years ago awesomeee nats!! thank u so much...i cant wait till 2moro :D hehe
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