Beach-O-Beach on COLORS

A new show produced by Paritosh Painter will soon rule COLORS. It's a mixture of two best international tele-series. To know more read further...

Well, are you all wondering what the title, 'Beach-O-Beach' is all about? Then, let us tell you that this title to a large extent suggests the story line of the new serial on COLORS, which is produced by Paritosh Painter who has been the brain behind many popular plays.

According to our reliable source, "The show will be a mix of Baywatch and FRIENDS. It's the story about friends and their day-to-day life".

Talking more on the story line, our source adds, "The show will feature five guys and four girls in total, and the story revolves around them. This sounds more like FRIENDS, but also has a pinch of the famous international show, Baywatch. However, the script will be written keeping the Indian audience in mind".

As per sources, "Raj Singh Arora of Remix fame has been approached to play the lead on the show. Other names doing rounds are Kashmira Irani of Amber Dhara fame, Karan Patel and Ali Merchant. However, no actor has been finalized yet".

When asked about the launch date and time, our source adds, "Well, the launch date is yet to be decided, but it will come on air soon. As the name suggests, the shoot will take place in the beautiful locales of Goa. The show will most likely be slotted at 10.30 PM and will be a tri-weekly, from Friday to Sunday".

We tried calling the Producer Paritosh Painter, but he was unavailable for comments.

So viewers, are you ready for the 'Desi' version of your favorite 'Videsi' Shows?

In that case, which are the hot and happening faces you want to see in this promising flick?
Put your thinking caps on  and get your names right here..

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Rachana Trivedi
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Raj Singh Arora Thumbnail

Raj Singh Arora

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Karan Patel

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Kashmira Irani

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Ali Mercchant

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Raj Singh

Comments (24)

Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...Hi Karan Patel love u lot...

10 years ago

is this serial is start or not or wind up

13 years ago

i think rohan tiwari and deeya chopra would be great cast

15 years ago

desi version of frnds...i wonder hw it will be..

15 years ago

i jus wanna see raj priya as the lead in ths show........

15 years ago

raj...kash...karan... and ali... wow!!!!!
this will be one nice show

15 years ago

super interesting!!! I''d love to see Karan wahi in this

15 years ago

I AM SPEECHLESS... RIGHT NOW I GOTTA SAY THIS... raj is backkkkkkkkkkkkkk >:D<>:D<>:D<

but i hopeeeeee and i wantttt and i prayyyyyy to see raj and priya wal bothhhhhhhhh... Colors/paritosh painter...pleaseeeeeeeeee...pleaseeeeeee cast priya wal opposite raj singh! puh-leaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

15 years ago

Karan Patel should be in the lead - he is by far the most charismatic actor on the tele

15 years ago

plz along with karan patel also sighn shubhangi atre...they r the best couple...

15 years ago

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