Bani's Jai from 'Kasamh Se' Finds a New Addiction

Ram Kapoor AKA Jai Walia from Kasam Se has an I-F addiction! Find out more about his interactions with I-F Members and this very addictive addiction...

Published: Monday,May 07, 2007 20:01 PM GMT-06:00
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By: Dolly

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Bani’s Jai – the salt and pepper haired heartthrob of millions of women across the world has found a new love, a new addiction, a new past time, one from which he cant keep his eyes away, even during takes. Fans, don’t worry, the beautiful and made for each other the couple are very happily married. We are talking about Ram’s new love interest – his laptop. Between his daily hectic schedules and spending some quality time with family, Ram Kapoor manages to find time for his newest addiction of his laptop and the Internet, which connects him to his countless fans.

Ram absolutely loves his laptop and says, “I'm so addicted that my laptop is always on in my make up van and connected to India-Forums these days and I keep reading in between my shots and when I'm working a lot of the others use my machine to read up as well.”

India-Forums.com is now the spot for many television actors these days. From Ejaz Khan and Raj Singh Arora to Sachin Shroff and now Ram Kapoor - it looks like a new virus called India-Forums is spreading fast through the Indian Television Industry. After hearing about India-Forums from several colleagues, reporters and friends Ram says that he decided one day to check out this much-talked about website. Ram joined India-Forums with the id Ram6000 and he recalls spending hours the first time he logged in as he went through reading numerous posts of his fans in the Kasamh Se section.

Soon Ram started writing lovely posts and replies to his fans and admirers. In one of his recent posts Ram told his fans, “I must admit that you guys have me hooked to I-F in fact I wish I had more time so I could interact with all of you more. You guys write very very intelligently and its a pleasure to read your posts.” And the pleasure is no less for Ram’s fans as they now relish the opportunity of directly interacting with him.

And Ram’s net and I-F addiction seems to be no less than a contagious virus as it is spreading fast on the sets of Kasamh Se. Not only has Ram’s wife Gautami Kapoor registered on Indian-Forums but so have Siddharth (Ranveer), Prashant Ranyal (Saahil) and Roshni Chopra (Pia).

Now that’s what we call team bonding oops team surfing right?

Images By: Varsha Bhatter (PM: cuteluv)
Contact Writer: PM Diva

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ealiback 15 years ago Looks like Mr. Gaikwad is a Congress Man trying to get noticed. Try doing Gandhigiri for all those victims that still visit doctor's clinic for getting glass pieces out of their body or to the families of pregnant women who died that day. Sanjay dutt has gotten off with the lightest sentence. Co-accused have been sentenced to death or life imprisonment.
In spite of being involved with traitors & hard-core criminals, Dutt escaped with a slap on the wrist coz he’s a film star. Don’t let fiction (Munnabhai) take precedence over reality.

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Diking 15 years ago I do not stay in india, but what made me sad is that,the judgement of the court is too heavy. I don't know why so, but I did not like it personally, and like me there should be millions of ppl, not only fans, but everyone !!!!
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amal 7leh
amal 7leh 15 years ago i jus dont believe but its nice..thx 4 da article..
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rose12 15 years ago that's carzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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meera_005 15 years ago ha ha omg thTS crazzzyyy!!! greeat to knw :)
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kanak1309 15 years ago Thats great news... I'll love to talk to him too... I used to love him at one time
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.Roshni. 15 years ago wow i can't believe he's actuall addicted..nothing surprising though
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Yuvika_15 15 years ago wow!!! this is just amazing!!! IF is surely rocking now!!!
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-Mansi- 15 years ago wow!!!...thanx fr such a wonderful article...
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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