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Balika Vadhu cast remembers Pratyusha on her 3rd death anniversary

Not just Balika vadhu cast but Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi too posted heartfelt messages on social media


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Time really flies. 

It has already been three years since Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha Banerjee was found hanging dead in her Oshiwara apartment. The news came as a major shock for the industry as well as fans and on the top of it, it all happened on 1st of April and everybody thought that it's an April fool prank or a hoax news.

When the police investigation started they started questioning her boyfriend and actor Rahul Raj and rumors started coming about Pratyusha's friends blaming Rahul for driving her to commit suicide. According to some media reports, Rahul and Pratyusha's relationship had gone sour and Pratyusha was said to be battling depression due to lack of work. 

There was also reports of domestic violence and Pratyusha's miscarriage, but nothing was proven. Later, Rahul was arrested for allegedly causing trauma in Pratyusha's life which led to her death. The case was extremely traumatising and left the whole nation in shock.

Today, on her third death anniversary, the cast of Balika Vadhu remembered the actress and posted some heartfelt messages for her. Here check out their posts:

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Not just Balika vadhu cast. but Vikas Gupta and Kamya Punjabi too posted heartfelt messages on social media

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May her soul rest in peace!


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NatalyMusketeer 1 years ago @maha786: why do bad things always happen to good people... this is a good question that only God can answer but he's silent as usual... all we have left are the memories and in such a case as Pratsie's, the memories only deepen the pain, especially with her parents... maybe Kamya can now say goodbye, maybe she can now let Pratsie go but Pratsie's parents will never be able to do that... Prathyusha Banerjee wasn't an old lady who have come to time to go, Pratsie was an young beautiful human being who was totally unexpectedly taken out of this life... her parents will never be able to say goodbye to her, simply because the word "goodbye means something that is ultimately and they want for sure to meet their daughter again wherever she is now... Pratsie was, she is and she will remain beloved in so many hearts worldwide, I sincerely hope this fact will help them to make their waiting easier...
maha786 1 years ago I am glad there are no interviews of her parents, there is no point of making them do interviews and there is no outcome coming out of it,Pratyusha may nto be physically present, but she has left an impact in the lives of her loved ones which will never vanish, she is always going to be remembered <br/>he was a very swete perons, why do bad thinsg always happen to good people, she deserved to live longer, but I am praying, she is happy wherever she is and is feeling happy by seeing how much her loved ones value her and still make her presence felt <br/>Partyusha and Kamya are friendship goals, I respect Kamya for always keeping Pratyusha in her thoughts and continues fighting for her even when she has no benefit in this, but Kamya only does it for true friendship, that is very generous of her, such friends rare in today's world,Partyusha is lucky to have a friend like Kamya2019-04-01 15:18:47
cygnet9 1 years ago Life of a beautiful soul cut short by destiny. Pratyusha Banerjee you were very talented actress whose talent touched many lives. Miss you. Rest In Peace where ever you are.
ahilajkula 1 years ago Pratyusha Banerjee, we love you forever. God bless you, wherever they might be.
SamW92 1 years ago One of the cutest girl she was. Still remember I was watching repeat of Balika Vadhu when she was around during midnight before my exam. She was the best Anandi. I've seen her in Hum Hain Na & Sasural Simar Ka.
RIP & be happy wherever you are.
DimpledGirl203 1 years ago One of the Most gorgeous girl who was a brilliant actress who brought Anandi's character to life! She shall remain the best Anandi for me! RIP girl..May you be happy wherever u are Pratyusha Banerjee!!
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