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Badmash Shahid Anushka: absconding?!

Nope! Its not another alleged hook up we're talking of. The matter is utterly ...

Published: Monday,Feb 22, 2010 11:38 AM GMT-07:00
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Badmash Shahid Anushka: absconding?!
Shahid and Anushka, sitting on a tree ...K.I.S.S.I.N.G !!!

Nope! Its not another alleged hook up we're talking of. The matter is utterly  professional! Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma recently locked lips for the camera on the sets of YRF's Badmaash Company in Bandra. 

Director Parmeet Sethi however, unimpressed, demanded a retake. He said the kiss was graceless and odd and a redo was necessary.

While the set was being prepared for the second take, Shahid and Anushka disappeared without a trace. When they had been gone missing for over a half hour, the crew members tried reaching them on their cells, in vain, even when the director himself called. 

After two hours, Shahid and Anushka finally returned. When asked about their whereabouts, the duo sheepishly replied saying they had gone to buy some books from a bookstore in Bandra. The response surprised the crew, especially the rather stretched two hours they claimed to have spent 'buying books'. The duo kept silent over further explanations.

It was only a few minutes down, that the crew had resorted to relentlessly teasing the actors, mockingly curious about what books these were they had gone to buy so urgently. The beginner's guide to kissing, perhaps?! 

And sure enough, the 'book purchase' worked like magic. The retake of the kiss this time was uneventfully accomplished, even applauded by the crew for how effortlessly it had come about.  Anushka who had been initially reluctant to share a lip lock was much relaxed for the retake, while Shahid himself, seemed only slightly reclusive.

Our take? That's Badmash Company indeed!

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