Avinash Mishra opens up on what could be the reason behind Titli going off air

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Titli's 'Garv' aka Avinash Mishra opened up on the show coming to an end, the plot change, the TRP game and a lot more.

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Avinash Mishra

Avinash Mishra, the talented actor currently portraying the character of Garv in Star Plus' 'Titli,' recently shared his thoughts about the show's impending conclusion, the disappointments that came with it, and the show's evolving storyline.

Avinash, who gained immense love and appreciation for his portrayal of a toxic spouse in the series, engaged in an exclusive conversation with us. During the discussion, he delved into the news of 'Titli' going off the air, the show's changing narrative, and the delicate balance between TRPs and storytelling.

When did you first learn about 'Titli' going off the air, and what was your initial reaction to this news?

Avinash: Well, the news of the show concluding took me by surprise because, honestly, I didn't anticipate it. It was disappointing because everyone involved in the show had put in a lot of hard work, and no one wants their show to go off the air.

What, in your opinion, is the reason behind the decision to end the show?

Avinash: I don't have insight into the reasons behind this decision; it's ultimately the channel's call. I believe they had certain expectations regarding TRP ratings, and unfortunately, we couldn't meet those expectations.

Initially, the show revolved around domestic violence, but some viewers feel the show deviated from its original plot. What are your thoughts on this?

Avinash: Yes, the show initially focused on the issue of domestic violence. When our time slot was 11 PM, we adhered to that storyline. However, when the show was moved to 6:30 PM, we had to make adjustments and introduce new twists and turns, as the audience for both time slots differs. We aimed to cater to our viewers in the best way possible. So, I wouldn't say we lost the plot; instead, we adapted the plot to the new time slot.


Is it challenging to strike a balance between delivering a compelling storyline and the numbers game (TRPs)?

Avinash: This industry is driven by destiny. Balancing storytelling and chasing numbers is unpredictable. You can't foresee anything in this industry. Sometimes, simple stories can fetch good ratings, and unique narratives may fail to do so. It all depends on destiny and how the audience embraces these stories. We should focus on creating excellent content without fixating on TRPs and numbers, as what's meant to happen will happen, and what's not meant to be, won't. Our primary focus should be delivering quality content.

What will you miss the most about the show?

Avinash: I'll miss my character, Garv. Indian television predominantly focuses on women-centric stories, but this show brought me into the spotlight. People loved my character and eagerly anticipated Garv's next moves. Playing this role taught me a lot and allowed me to explore my capabilities as an actor. Up until now, I had only portrayed positive characters, so essaying a negative role was a challenge. I'm grateful that I could do it, and the audience accepted me as Garv. I'll genuinely miss this character.


What's next for you?

Avinash: To be honest, I can't reveal anything at the moment. However, I have no intention of taking a break. As soon as an intriguing project comes my way, be it a TV show or a web series, I'll eagerly embrace it. So, you'll see me back in action soon.

Will you miss watching Avinash as Garv on the show? Let us know in the comments below. 

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