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Arzoo to get a promotion in Humsafars!

An interesting track to come up in Sony TV's show Humsafars where Aarzoo will get promoted to higher designation in the show.

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Four Lions Films' popular show Humsafars is garnering good attention of its viewers by interesting storyline and amazing star cast. The chemistry of Sahir (Harshad Chopra) and Arzoo (Shivya Pathania) is liked by the viewers and is being appreciated a lot by the viewers.

In the forthcoming episodes, the differences between Arzoo and Sahir will be sorted and Sahir will promote Arzoo to a higher level in the office.

As per our source," Aarzoo will write a resignation letter as she has a fear that she will be removed from the job. Thus she will decide to resign rather than being insulted. Hence she will write a resignation letter and will keep it in Sahir's cabin. Later she will realize that she has done a very big mistake by writing resignation letter because she is the only earning member in the family. Thus she will rush to Sahir's cabin to take the letter before he comes in his cabin. Unfortunately Sahir enters the cabin."

Further the source continues, "As soon as he enters the cabin, Arzoo hides the paper, but Sahir insists her to show him the papers which will make Sahir very angry. Later Sahir comes home and hands over an envelop which will make Arzoo upset as she will feel that her resignation has been accepted. Later when she will open the envelope, she will be overwhelmed to see that its a promotion letter and she has become the junior designer for his company."

Well, it will surely be a good time for the audience to see Arzoo and Sahir developing a soft corner for each other.

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Zaara.H.Khan 6 years ago My most fav tv actor ..And the new female lady is truly talented ..all the best wishes for them
nilizaa 6 years ago Keep rocking Harshad Chopra and Shivya Pathania .. You guys doing great job
shahmin 6 years ago Can't wait for the lost in jungle epi.
Keep rocking SaAz
soniroy 6 years ago Harshad n Shivya were awesome in yesterday u guys
-mouni- 6 years ago Birilliant performance Harshad n Shivya...keep it up
..arti.. 6 years ago Keep rocking both of guys are amazing as Sahir n Arzoo
-manasi- 6 years ago Loving Sahir n Arzoo alot
Harshad Chopra n Shivya doing great job..keep Iit up
kiiran 6 years ago Wow waiting for the track..!!
Harshad Chopra n Shivya Pathania rockkss
Pizza_maniac 6 years ago Waiting eagerly for this week's episodes. Harshad Chopra and Shivya Pathania you people are so good as SaAz.
kashrish 6 years ago Waiting for the epi.
Harshad Chopra n Shivya Pathania rockkss
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