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Are Reality Shows Fair to all Contestants?

Do you think the Reality Shows spread open a 'Fair' platform to all its contestants? Are we getting the 'Best Talent' out?

Published: Thursday,Jun 28, 2007 17:47 PM GMT-06:00
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We are into a phase where Reality Shows have gained popularity amongst the viewers, it has struck a chord with the audience as well as on the TRP charts. While the motto of these 'Unique' shows is to search for new singing talents, the audience is left wondering at times whether the path taken to achieve this goal is Fair to all....

Citing the example of two new contestants in SRGMP, Anik Dhar and Abhijeet Kosambi who have been chosen as the 'Lucky Two' to get a direct entry into the Bramhastra Round of SRGMP, since they are state level champions.. Anik is the proud winner of Bangla SRGMP while Abhijeet happens to be the winner of Marathi SRGMP.. Lady Luck has definitely smiled on them, but does this not deprive the other contestants of their share of luck?

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Are Reality Shows Fair to all Contestants?
Another Reality Show to follow the same format was Indian Idol 3 where , just before the 10 Finalists were announced, we see utterly a new face, Jolly Das singing before the judges, much to the shock of the judges themselves. We are then notified that this contestant has made a direct entry into the 'Grand Galas of II3' because of her ill health during her participation in II2. Now, is it not a fact that the level of competition varies from one season to another season? When the other 10 chosen finalists had to toil hard to reach to this level after going thro' sleepless nights and anxious days, is it fair enough that she be brought and made to stand as one amongst them?

One similar aspect to be noted in these two 'Inclusions' is the bold step taken by the channels, Zee and Sony. What if the mentors of SRGMP, Himesh and Ismail Darbar are against the sudden entry of Anik and Abhijeet, the Show needs to go on!! Jolly Das smiled her way into Indian Idol 3 even when the experienced Javed Akhtar made a comment that in days to come, she will regret that she was not a part of II2, because the competition she will face from other contestants in II3 is really tougher when compared to the last season...

These were the thoughts that the judges and mentors associated with the Reality Shows have, but as viewers, are we satisfied with these decisions? Do you think Justice Prevails here? Can we just spare a thought for the other contestants and think about them for a minute?

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Dr. Kang @JattiTude 16 years ago no, taaza taaza example... when richa came to auditions, all the judges were shocked to hear her and they were so appreciative of her singing etc... and now they found her totla and childish voice singer...... whatever!!!!!i think she was good........ much better than puja
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sid @siddin 16 years ago The most unfair aspect is the fact tat on one hand you invite judges much acquainted with the music field and then just to rake in the moolah the channels make it a voters choice which will finally determine the winner. What loss of credibility is involved with judges! I wonder why they even acceot being a part of such shows where finally teir word holds no value. And then who is to analyse voting counts? its all so suspect!! According to me its the channel who decides the winner going by what will bring them the highest TRP.. or there is no reason for sometimes the most talented of the lot to get eliminated and the drama baaz contestants to stay..
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sweet @s candy
sweet @s candy @sweet @s candy 16 years ago i dont know if its fair or not because it was annonced before hand but there startin from the middle which might make the other contestent think its not fair
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buttercup @buttercup 16 years ago i dunnno abt srgmpa..coz im jus watching it new fr dis yr..
but for II ..iguess jolly struggled thru and made it last yr n she cudnt make it..so its fine let her prove dis yr
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kirti @kirtib 16 years ago Well, dont know whether it is fair or not but comeon we can give them a chance. The channels must have thought before introducing them. If they are not good they will go out. No one is partial to them. So I dont think judges should make such a big deal!!
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Shubhojyoti Bhattacharya @lordboomboom 16 years ago I feel for SRGMP I dont know. But for II3 I feel Jolly's inclusion is fair because that was announced a year back already on television so nothing wrong in that. And yeah Jolly also got through all the rounds last year. Agreed that this time the level of competition is high but then thats alright, if Jolly is not good she will be out. But she is a good singer and I hope she proves her direct entry into the II3 gala :)
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Prerna @Prenz~13 16 years ago i guess dis thing was decided one yr back in II2...but i dunno bout saregamapa...its unfair..wen oders go thru so much 2 get here,its unfair sum1 jus cums in like dis..
gr8 article!
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago As for SRGMP, it's, hmmm... i remember Aditya saying this a long time ago in the beginning itself, but did not hear any of the judges or the mentors respond to that. These two contestants may have won a competition, but this one is totally different... anyways, it's too late, wish them all the best !!

As for Indian Idol, we can't really say anything about that cos Mini and Aman had already said that Jolly is going to be coming in the Indian Idol 3. So, it's too late to complain as the decision had been made over a year ago... yes, she didn't go through any of the rounds everyone else did, but she was promised a direct entry into it. Contestants may not be too happy, bt that's not their decision either... :)

thanks for the article!!
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Mallika @marvelous.malks 16 years ago i don think that jolly should be allowed bac like that its not in the format.. i also didnt like the wild card.. II3 is dumb this time lol
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xoxramxox @xoxramxox 16 years ago It's not fair but w/e the best should win however i believe everyone should get an equal chance
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