Appy upset with Navya

Star Plus' Navya will see a small fight between the childhood friends Navya and Appy...

After the cute romantic track between Navya (Soumya Seth)
and Anant (Shaheer Sheikh), Star Plus' Navya produced by Siddharth Tewary, will see a small fight between the childhood friends Navya and Appy (Farhina Parvez).

A source says, "As we all know, Navya and Anant are already in love, but their love is a hidden secret from their friends. In the coming episodes Appy will come to know about this secret and will be upset with her dearest friend."

We contacted Soumya Seth and she confirmed saying, "Yes Appy gets upset, but I won't tell you the reason why she is upset. But yes there is something that I hide from her. She is my childhood friend and we know each other very well and she is upset because I am hiding something from her. I am trying my level best to make her understand."

Well, let's see how Navya will make up with her dear friend…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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live_life 9 years ago I lovee Navya-Anant jodi...they're the sweetest. Hope shagun leaves please lol
thnth 9 years ago whats going to happen next is anant going to get engaged with shagun or propose navya hmmm
Hessa85 9 years ago also i think the nervousness is part of her character. get over it as its nothing compared to how much female leads are dumbed down to make them appear naive and innocent e.g. gopi 1 example
soujiii 9 years ago yes i agree vth u ...navya has to learn acting always d same expressions for everything...uff im irritated with it
coolpreeths 9 years ago I agree with most of the comments below... the concept is nice however its very slow and dragging... secondly Navya (soumya) has to improve a lot in acting.. same expressions and never smiles even there is an occasion to do so... i am really dissapointed with her acting... I find it bettter to watch the serial once in a week.. I have a tatasky plus so i record the entire episodes and watch it at once.. Only then it makes some sense ... Watching it every day is like i cnt tell u, its damn slow man.. But i must tell u tat Anant acts really well ...
peacock777 9 years ago it is not up to the mark according to the promos, the serial is very slowww
rekhavy 9 years ago shaheer does a good job but i cant say the same for saumya..the girl is cute n all but she has got the same expression for every emotions..her eyebrows are shaped in such a way that she seems desperate n sad all the time..the time she takes to complete a sentence n her face expression is sufficient for anyone to realize something fishy is going on...it would be better if she does not rotate her eye balls 180 degree whenever she is asked a question and she has to improve on her crying...2011-06-01 07:10:59
SweetSona2010 9 years ago This girl playing the character Navya doesn't know acting. And the character "Navya" is boring. Whenever I see her whether it is an episode or a promo of the show I have always found this single "worried" expression on her face as if the burden of the whole world is on her shoulders...always looking sad & timid & worried & unable to speak properly! Ufgh! Same expression 24 hours! Plz learn acting & the character Navya should go for personality development classes for godsake!
The character must be made interesting & not dumb.2011-05-31 12:45:21
rukawa 9 years ago haterss..just go wayyy...she is doinnn gr8 job...she is new...n learning...give her chance...gooo soumya...love u as navya..
TonsOfWishes 9 years ago cant wait to see friendship n lots of masti in this show
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