Anupamaa: Samar's fallen Raksha thread concerns Anupama

In tonight's episode of "Anupamaa," Samar reconciles with his father, expresses his excitement about impending fatherhood, and a party leads to tension between the men and Sonu's group.

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In tonight's episode of "Anupamaa," things start with Anupama expressing her thoughts to Samar. Samar realizes that he's been critical of his father, Vanraj, for not spending enough time with the family. He apologizes to Vanraj and appreciates how hard his father worked to provide a good life for everyone. He even expresses his love, and they share a heartfelt moment. Samar now understands Vanraj's concerns about his dance career. He wants to be a parent like Vanraj. Everyone reassures him.

Samar's fallen Raksha thread fumes concern:

Samar dreams of taking his family on a trip after the baby arrives. Everyone agrees. Anuj advises Samar to relax. The family enjoys a meal together, with Anupama feeding Samar by hand, and it's a heartwarming scene. Anuj takes a photo of them. Later, a party begins at the Shah house. Men make a grand entrance and poke fun at the ladies having their own party at home. The men soon leave. Anupama stops Samar from leaving and kisses his forehead. As Samar leaves, a Raksha thread falls, but he's already gone. Anupama is worried, and Kavya consoles her.

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Celebration begins:

The men enjoy their party elsewhere while the ladies have their celebration. The men arrive at the party, all excited about the big gathering. They head to their reserved table and kick off their celebration with drumming. Back at the Shah house, the ladies also begin their party with drum rolls. Pakhi asks everyone what kind of food they should order. Anupama surprises them by revealing that she has already prepared food for the party, earning everyone's appreciation.

Sonu's entry:

However, things take a turn when Sonu and his friends show up at the party. They notice that their usual table is reserved under Samar's name. Sonu approaches them and orders that they vacate the table because it's their regular spot. Anuj empathizes with the situation but explains that they didn't know it was Sonu's usual table, and the manager assigned it to them. He suggests they adjust for just this one day. Sonu insists that the manager wasn't aware of their arrival and urges them to find another place to continue their celebration. Anuj makes an effort to resolve the situation, but Sonu and his friends remain stubborn. Eventually, Anuj and his group decide to move to another table.

As they relocate, Sonu makes a snide comment about Anuj, but Anuj chooses to stay calm and let it go. They continue their party at the new table, emphasizing that it's a special occasion and they can celebrate anywhere, even at a simple tea stall. Meanwhile, the ladies are enjoying their party with cold drinks. Dimple, who is entering motherhood for the first time, asks everyone about their experiences with motherhood. Anupama shares her thoughts and insights about being a mother.

Sonu's provocation:

Samar expresses his understanding of the challenges of becoming a father at the men's party. He emphasizes that fatherhood goes beyond just paying for children's expenses and attending parent-teacher meetings. He mentions that Toshu is the youngest among them to become a father. Samar then praises his own father, referring to Vanraj as "Papa," and adds that the coolest dad is Babu ji (a respectful term for an elderly gentleman). He keeps it a secret when they inquire about Babu Ji's age. Meanwhile, Sonu and his friends are making efforts to imitate the group and provoke them. Sonu keeps a close eye on Anuj and continues to stare at him, attempting to instigate a reaction from him.


In the precap of Anupamaa, Anupama hugs Samar, and there's a hint of tension as Samar postpones tying a thread. The precap ends with a shocking moment as Samar's life is in danger, and Vanraj blames Anuj for his death.

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