Anupamaa: Vanraj hides Toshu's involvement in Anupama's arrest from Leela and Kinjal

Anupamaa written update, 12 March 2024: Vanraj admonishes Toshu for his reckless actions and condemns his betrayal of Anupama's trust.

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Anupamaa: Vanraj hides Toshu's involvement in Anupama's arrest from Leela and Kinjal
Sudhanshu Pandey as Vanraj from Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Toshu expresses his frustration to Ron, acknowledging that his plan has failed and that his mother is now in trouble because of his actions. Ron callously dismisses the situation, stating that it's not his concern. Toshu pleads with Ron for some time to resolve the issue, but Ron sets a strict ultimatum, threatening harm to Toshu's wife and daughter if he doesn't return the money within 30 minutes. This leads to a physical altercation between Toshu and Ron, with Anuj answering a call from Aadhya in the midst of the chaos. Aadhya informs Anuj about Shruti's deteriorating condition and her struggle to cope with the news from the doctors. Anuj offers words of encouragement to Aadhya, promising to return soon after concluding his current commitment. However, he becomes overwhelmed with conflicting emotions. 

Meanwhile, Ron's associates attack Toshu, only to be interrupted by Vanraj, who intervenes by offering money to Ron in exchange for sparing Toshu. Ron insists on being paid in full, threatening to report Toshu to the authorities if his demands aren't met. Vanraj confronts Toshu about his connection to Anupama and the necklace, leaving Toshu stunned.

Vanraj berates Toshu:

Biji contacts Yashdeep, expressing her desire to see Anupama and her concern over her current situation. Yashdeep reassures Biji but expresses doubts about Toshu's involvement without concrete evidence. Anupama, overwhelmed with despair, questions why she is being tested in this manner. She finds solace in prayer but remains steadfast in her belief in her innocence. Meanwhile, Vanraj admonishes Toshu for his reckless actions and condemns his betrayal of Anupama's trust. 

Anupama, in her moment of distress, reads about the injustice faced by another innocent woman and demands justice for her. Toshu defends his actions to Vanraj, claiming he acted out of a desire to protect his family. Vanraj, however, chastises him for his misguided decisions and for bringing trouble upon Anupama. Anupama reaffirms her belief in her own innocence, while Toshu justifies his actions by suggesting Vanraj would have done the same in his position. Vanraj vehemently denies this, expressing his disdain for such unlawful behaviour.

Anupama grants bail:

Anupama's emotional turmoil continues as she learns her bail has been revoked, only to be reinstated later. She is relieved to be reunited with Biji and expresses gratitude for her unwavering support. Vanraj and Toshu return home, but their attempts to conceal the truth from Leela and Kinjal are met with suspicion. Anupama finds solace in Biji's comforting words but struggles to overcome the trauma of her incarceration. Yashdeep and Biji reassure Anupama of their trust in her, prompting her to vow to uncover the true culprit.

Precap for the next episode:

In the precap, Anupama receives a warm welcome at the spice and chutney, where she confronts Paritosh, leaving him speechless.

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Lol. What's new in this. All Shameless Shahs are criminals. Keeps being proved over and over again

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