Anupamaa: Pakhi doesn't want to see Anuj's face, holding him responsible for Samar's death

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show "Anupamaa", tensions rise as Anupama and Vanraj pursue justice for their son while Pakhi refuses to look at Anuj, holding him responsible for Samar's death.

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Pakhi doesn't want to see Anuj's face, holding him responsible for Samar's death

In tonight's episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj expresses to Suresh that his son's life is invaluable and cannot be purchased with mere plastic cards, even kicking one to make his point. Anupama mentions that someone else might be the one to be "sold." Suresh retorts by saying middle-class people like them could be bought for a meagre sum. Anupama challenges him to try and buy their self-esteem, emphasizing their presence and strength. Vanraj intervenes, asserting they won't resort to violence against their guest and allow Suresh to leave peacefully. Suresh states that he's come to make them understand and will use various means to achieve his goals, just as he does when buying land. He implies that he will compromise their self-esteem. Babu ji acknowledges their unity.

Anupama assures Suresh won't stand a chance against these parents and vows to ensure justice for their son, Sonu. Suresh, feeling insulted, departs in his car with his guards. On the other hand, Pakhi receives a parcel containing a framed photo of herself with Toshu and Samar. She becomes emotional and explains that she had mentioned to Samar that she wanted their photo framed, appreciating his thoughtfulness. Romil consoles Pakhi, acknowledging that he can't replace Samar but still cares for her. Pakhi thanks Adhik and Romil but expresses her desire to see the responsible person punished. Anuj reassures Pakhi that justice will be served. Pakhi wants to avoid talking or seeing Anuj's face. Adhik questions Pakhi's blame on Anuj, and she insists that Samar's death was due to him. Adhik apologizes to Anuj on Pakhi's behalf. Adhik and Anuj agree that the battle will be challenging.

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The inspector informs Vanraj and Anupama that Sonu had to be released due to insufficient concrete evidence. They request CCTV footage and emphasize their eyewitness accounts, but the inspector explains that the shooting occurred in an area with no cameras and others were not operational. Anupama suggests potential eyewitnesses, but the inspector notes that no one is willing to give a statement. He suspects the gun has been disposed of, and Vanraj and Anupama apologize. The inspector promises to work on the case more personally, as said by Anuj. Anupama and Vanraj are determined to fight against the system for justice.


Kavya is in an auto and is relieved her reports are fine. She tries to call Vanraj, but the driver drives recklessly, making her phone fall. Kavya pleads to stop, but the driver demands that Vanraj withdraw the case against Sonu and pushes her out of the auto. Anuj waits for Anupama and discusses the matter with her. Anupama vows to seek justice for Samar and asserts that she won't rest until the responsible party is in jail. Anuj stands in support, but she declines the support, stating it's a mother's battle now and thus, she will fight alone. An emotional Anupama gazes at Samar's photo, wipes her tears, resolves not to show weakness, and is determined to fight for justice until her last breath. Anuj kindly brings her some food.

Precap: Toshu informs Vanraj that he won't provide a statement. Pakhi shares that she and Adhik have decided not to give a statement either. Vanraj claps and remarks that Toshu and Pakhi have shown that family bonds can weaken when someone dies.

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