Anupamaa: Malti Devi resonates with Anuj as her son

In the precap of Anupamaa, Malti Devi's fear of breaking something trivial escalates into a heart-wrenching plea to Anuj, expressing her desperate desire to be taken to their house.

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The Hindi soap opera "Anupamaa" continues to enthral viewers with its compelling characters and captivating narrative. The ongoing storyline centres around the entrance of Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) into the Kapdia house, the growing concern for Malti Devi's condition, and the imminent arrest of Romil (Viraj Kapoor). These developments add a layer of suspense and intrigue, keeping the audience eagerly tuned in for more.

In tonight's episode, tensions arise when Baa questions the presence of Anupama's enemy, Malti Devi, in the house. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) tries to remind Malti Devi of her past actions, but Malti Devi appears confused. Romil faces legal trouble, but Pakhi intervenes and forgives him, believing in second chances. The family eventually celebrates Rakhi, with Pakhi tying Rakhis to several family members, including Romil. Anupama and Anuj discuss Pakhi's maturity and her decision to give Romil another chance. Due to her condition, Anuj also contemplates sending Malti Devi to a hospital or care centre. The episode ends with Malti Devi expressing her desire to return home, behaving oddly.

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In a gripping precap of the popular TV show "Anupamaa," Malti Devi exhibits profound emotional turmoil. The scene starts with Malti Devi in a state of fear and distress, incessantly expressing her fear of breaking something precious. She was constantly blabbering about not being the one who broke the glass. Anupama compassionately tries to console her, emphasizing the insignificance of the broken glass.

However, the plot takes a dramatic turn when Malti Devi, seemingly overwhelmed by her emotions, runs over the broken glass and rushes towards Anuj (Gaurav Khanna). In a shocking twist, she pleads with him to take her to their house, making an impassioned plea not to stay where she is currently residing. Her poignant words reveal her deep longing for a sense of belonging and family. She imagines Anuj as her own son, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the storyline, leaving both the characters and the viewers profoundly moved and curious about what will transpire next in the series.

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