Anupamaa: Malti Devi considers taking a serious step

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Malti Devi contemplates a drastic decision, and Dimpy's pregnancy brings joy amidst the chaos.

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In tonight's episode of Anupamaa, the show kicks off with everyone enjoying Anuj's (Gaurav Khanna) handmade kheer while Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) inquires about Malti Devi's situation from Bapuji. Bapuji mentions that Baa and Malti Devi don't tag along. Feeling overwhelmed by life's constant challenges, Anupama seeks solace from Bapuji. Meanwhile, Baa urges Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) to discuss Malti Devi's situation with Anuj, but Vanraj brushes it off, citing that it's a festival day.

Malti Devi's contemplation:

At the Shah house, Malti Devi is struggling with guilt and memories of Leela's criticism. Anupama expresses concern for Malti Devi's well-being to Kinjal, who assures her that Malti Devi is safe. Anupama decides to send Anuj's handmade kheer to Malti Devi through the driver. Kinjal agrees to help; meanwhile, Anuj arrives there and asks if everything is fine. Anupama attempts to explain but is interrupted by Choti's arrival. Meanwhile, Dimple receives unsettling news through a phone call. Pakhi gathers everyone for a game while Anupama keeps Malti Devi in her thoughts. At the Shah house, Malti Devi appears distressed and contemplates a drastic decision. In the Kapadia house, the families are having a great time playing games and enjoying themselves. They discuss the joy of playing games. On the other hand, Malti Devi is deeply troubled, recalling past moments.

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Anuj offers support to Vanraj:

Back at the Shah house, Barkha advises Kavya not to give up her modelling career after pregnancy, leading to a heated argument about parenting, women's careers, and the responsibilities of both parents. Anupama emphasizes that love doesn't require blood relations and mentions having a big heart, causing Vanraj to storm off in frustration. Anuj approaches Vanraj and offers support, suggesting that the baby deserves love from both parents. Anupama concurs, hoping Vanraj will make the right decision. Malti Devi, struggling with her emotions, contemplates leaving the house but is stopped by the arrival of the driver with Anuj's kheer.

Dimple's revelation:

With anticipation in her eyes, Dimple expressed her desire to share something important with the family. However, Baa initially declined, citing the day's auspiciousness. Anupama intervened and implored Baa to allow Dimple to speak. With a mix of excitement, Dimple finally breaks the news that she is expecting a child. The room was instantly filled with a burst of joy, and the family's faces lit up with happiness. Anupama, overwhelmed by emotions, embraced Dimple tightly, conveying her happiness and support.

Samar couldn't contain his excitement and grabbed his mother's hand, and they jumped for joy together. Samar joyfully declares that he will soon become a father, and Anupama happily announces that she will soon embrace the role of a loving grandmother. This heartwarming revelation united the family in a beautiful moment of shared joy and anticipation for the future.


In the precap of Anupamaa, Samar expresses his desire to stay close to his mother, and Anupama prays for their happiness. However, the episode ends on a tense note as Samar injures himself while noticing a nail on the floor.

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