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Anupamaa: Anuj reprimands Pakhi for her behaviour towards Anupamaa

In the episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anuj will be seen reprimanding Pakhi for her behaviour towards Anupamaa.

Published: Tuesday,Nov 21, 2023 08:11 AM GMT-07:00
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Muskaan Bamne and Gaurav Khanna

Anupama returns home and warmly embraces Anuj. Sensing her emotional state, Anuj inquires about the reason behind it, and Anupama reassures him that everything is fine. Malti Devi observes the tender moment between them. Meanwhile, Tapish visits Babu ji's home and playfully addresses him as a senior citizen. Babu ji denies being old but welcomes Tapish's foot massage, expressing relief from pain. Tapish, in good spirits, accepts a token of 1 Rs from Babu ji, touching his feet. Dimpy questions Tapish's presence, and he explains that he came for the academy keys, but Dimpy informs him that the academy will be temporarily closed due to Baa's health. An amusing exchange ensues, culminating in Dimpy reluctantly handing over the keys.

Anupama engages in a conversation with Baa, emphasizing the importance of taking medicine and remembering small details. Anuj joins them, expressing his intention to meet Baa and Babu ji before heading to the office. Anupama, concerned about his well-being, advises him to distribute a special dry fruits powder to be mixed in milk among everyone. Barkha, however, suspects Anupama's intentions in sending something else along with the dry fruits.

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In parallel, Kavya urges Dimpy to take a break and let Tapish manage the academy. Despite Dimpy's apprehensions about him demanding extra money, Kavya assures her that Tapish is considerate and understands the tense situation.

Later, Anupama and Ankush are busy working, but Barkha speculates about Anupama's influence on Anuj. Anuj returns home, and Anupama inquires about Baa and Babu ji. Anuj acknowledges Anupama's caring nature and surprises her by bringing Baa and Babu ji to the house. Anuj explains that he convinced them to stay, believing that their presence will dispel tension from the house. Anupama is overjoyed by the unexpected turn of events.

In a separate scene, Kavya and Dimpy share a light moment while eating peanuts. Kavya suggests that Dimpy should temporarily stay at Anupama's house for her well-being. Dimpy, however, expresses her commitment to their friendship, and Kavya reflects on societal judgments.


As Baa and Babu ji settle into their temporary stay at Anupama's house, Anuj shows his thoughtful side by providing them with an electronic bell. The emotional exchange between Anuj, Baa, and Babu ji underscores the unique bond they share. Meanwhile, Pakhi voices her displeasure to Anupama about the changing dynamics, hinting at Anupama's influence on Baa and Babu ji. Anuj intervenes, asking Pakhi to refrain from misbehavior and encouraging her to join the family for a meal.

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Fats24 @Fats24 19 days ago Why doesn't Anuj ask Maa's angel to leave the house or live as a paying guest? What right she has in Kapadia Mansion? I hope Anuj gives her an ultimatum if she doesn't behave she'll be thrown out of the house.
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ShahH8er @ShahH8er 19 days ago Now like the last time maid will tell him, 'Don't come in between me and my Princess Pakhi. Only I can explain to her" (forgetting that she has consistently failed in getting her princess to change all this while despite the never ending bhashans)
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