Anupamaa: Anuj issues a stern warning to Sonu

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Samar and his gang discuss the challenges of fatherhood, while Anupama reflects on the unique joys of motherhood.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, at the club, Samar and the gents' gang discuss their roles as fathers, noting that everyone except Adhik is a dad. Hasmukh, Anuj, Vanraj, and Toshu agree with this statement. Samar expresses his desire to learn from their experiences in fatherhood. Vanraj emphasizes that being a father is not easy, requiring strength and concern for a child's well-being. Hasmukh mentions that even fathers who don't believe in God may seek protective items like talismans from temples for their babies. Anuj and Toshu share their own fatherhood experiences.

Anupama reflects on the unique feeling of motherhood, sharing the worries and joys it brings. She asks Leela if she would ever give up motherhood, to which Leela firmly replies, "No." Anupama points out the enduring connection between pain and motherhood, from pregnancy worries to caring for a sick baby. Vanraj continues to talk about the challenges of fatherhood, mentioning the need for responsibility and constant protection of the child. Samar expresses his readiness to take on these responsibilities. Toshu suggests ending the fatherhood seminar and starting the party, to which everyone agrees. At home, the ladies dance to the song "It's Time to Disco," while the men dance at the club.

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Samar and his gang encounter some taunts from Sonu and his gang. Anuj becomes upset, but Vanraj advises him to ignore them. Sonu serves alcohol to his friends, which they smuggled from outside Gujarat. Samar accidentally bumps into Sonu, who reacts angrily, asking him to lower his voice and leave. Anupama starts feeling uneasy.Sonu and his friends start troubling girls. Anuj gets angry, but Vanraj  intervenes, taking Anuj back to the dance floor. They enjoy their time dancing. After the dance, Leela mentions that her legs are tired from dancing, and Barkha also feels tired but had a great time. Kavya suggests they continue enjoying the moment. Anupama volunteers to get kheer for everyone, but she notices a protective thread on the table, leading her to question her unease.

Samar observes Sonu and his friends adding alcohol to juice. Sonu's friend taunts Samar about becoming a father, leading to a confrontation. Anuj steps in to warn them to behave or face consequences, then guides Samar away. Meanwhile, the ladies finish eating kheer. Dimpy apologizes for her earlier rudeness, and Anupama forgives her. Leela and Barkha playfully argue, while Pakhi expresses her desire to become a mother. Leela and Kinjal advise her to wait and spend quality time with Adhik first. Anupama reminds Kavya to take her multivitamins. Anupama calls Samar to check on him and asks him to promise he'll return safely. He assures her and rejoins the group. Anuj becomes angry after witnessing Sonu misbehaving with a girl.

Precap: In the precap of Anupamaa, Anupama worries about Samar's safety and asks to tie a thread around him before he heads to the party. The preview suggests a serious incident involving Anuj that leads to distress for Vanraj.

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