Another Shashi-Sumeet show gets axed after airing for merely 3 months!

Numbers these days play a major role in determining the fate of a show.

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Shows come and shows go, and no matter how strong and good the content of the show is, if they fail to garner numbers there is nothing that can help the show. 
Recently, there have been a number of instances where shows have been pulled off-air owing to low numbers, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? for instance and the Star Dopahar shows as well for that matter. 

Seeing the same fate is yet another Shashi and Sumeet Mittal show, TV Biwi Aur Main starring Karan Veer Mehra and Shruti Seth. Though the show managed to make the viewers laugh and entertain them, it failed to garner the ratings. And in the wake of the low TRPs, the channel has decided to pull the show off-air on the 10th of October.

How fair do you think is it to pull the shows off-air so soon? Leave your comments below.

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Karan Veer Mehra

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Shruti Seth

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Sumeet Mittal

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TV Biwi Aur Main

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

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Comments (13)

Adat se hai majboor is worse than TBAM and I don't like TMUC anymore. 3months bass? It looks like there must be other reason. May be they stopped this serial because it was making fun of other ghissy pitty shows.

6 years ago

TSMSP Should Have A Different Track.
Tired Of The Same Boring Track.

6 years ago

Hein? Ek hi toh Show tha... Uss pe bhi nazar lag gayi? Chalo TV dekhna bandh.

Aur Iss pull aur plug mein audience ke emotions ko lekar tennis khelne walo, Suno, Bhagwann kabhi maaf nahin karenge! Tak-liyaa!

Post Note: TV Biwi Aur Main ke liye tha.

6 years ago

I hate the fact that Yeh Moh Moh Daage got axed . That was a good show with super actors. I am still lamenting over the fact that it ended so abruptly ! On the other hand , we have Kumkum Bahgya and Beyhaad going on and on and on with no more story to tell . What a pity!

6 years ago

I feel like maximum shows from the indian television should get axed... like bhabhiji, mr panchal, beyhad, ipkknd 2, that flirting with boss...they all are so regressive and the worst part is there are so many other tv shows in the queue...which can get axed...

Only god knows where the tv industry and story concepts are going

6 years ago

I feel for any serials minimum and maximum no of episodes to be fixed. There should be atleast 100 minimum and 500 maximum epis should be aired. Not less than 100 or more than 500.

6 years ago

Seriously running out of things to watch on Indian TV, the shows I like get axed.

6 years ago

Ohh no.. another show is become the victim of this trp business. I so hate this. TV Biwi aur main was really a good show. not typical comedy with unity in diversity wala message. It was really different.

6 years ago

It is sad that the numbers are driving away good shows and the audience are left with gissapitta stories. The star dopahar shows especially Kya kasoor hai amla ka were good and hatke. Karan veer mehra is a very good actor and has great comedy sense. Barun sobti expresses angst like no other. But sadly there is no audience for such shows and actors. Curse of Indian television audience to stick to kitchen politics and scripted reality shows.

6 years ago

That's just not done . It was a great show I really enjoyed watching it . Dam people just can't accept anything other than romantic love stories & saas bahu drama .

6 years ago

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