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Angry Raveena Tandon curses group of humans torturing a lioness!

Raveena Tandon reacts: hope they Rot in hell...


Raveena Tandon is often outspoken about her opinions on social media. The actress might have not appeared on-screen lately, but she always makes her presence felt and never misses a chance to speak up her mind. The actress has repeatedly spoken about the human right to political issues but this time the actress voiced out her anger against animal cruelty.

Recently, the actress was seen reacting to a video as a group of men was filmed harassing the lioness as she can be seen sitting at ease. The group can be seen striking a pose with the lioness, however, one of them has a cake in his hands and as soon as the video stars, the man can be seen smashing the cake on her face.

The poor animal gets disturbed by the act and instantly gets up and looks quite irritated with the entire act.

Check out the video below;

The actress took no time to react to the video as she shared the post as she said, Pathetic bunch of loser human b.... hope they Rot in hell. Sometimes I do wish karma takes the form like our own Nagin movie, watch these a... die a writhing torturous death”.   

Check out the video below;

Apart from Raveena, many Twitteratis commented 'this is so inhuman', 'Disgusting! Inhumane! Wish someone can tie the hands of these cowards and do the same, then they will know! Or better than tiger takes a bite or 2 of their flesh so they know how it goes in the wilderness' and others started pouring in and rightly so.

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Courtesy : Times Now


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