Alka Yagnik's team gets weaker..

Sukhwinder Singh as celebrity judge, a tribute paid to Md. Rafi and of course, another elimination!! All this and much more in this week's L'il Champs on Zee..

Zee's SaReGaMaPa will see yet another girl from Alka Yagnik's camp being eliminated this week. After the ouster of Priyanka Maliya last week, this week will see the favorite of all, Shalini Mukherjee bowing out.

According to our source, "Singer Sukhwinder Singh who had personally requested Abhijeet Da to bring him on the show will be seen this weekend as the celebrity judge. Friday's episode will be dedicated to the legendary Md. Rafi on account of his death anniversary".

If sources are to be believed, the Wild Card round which provides a platform for the eliminated contestants to get back into the contest is in the pipeline. "Ousted contestants Priyanka Maliya and Hemant Brijwasi have been invited for the Wild Card. However, the news is that the talented Yashodhan Raokadam has missed the opportunity of staging a comeback, and has not been invited to participate in the Wild Card", informs our source.

"Another shocking development is that Kartiki Gaekwad, the Zee Marathi SaReGaMaPa winner who got an opportunity to participate in the current season of the show as a wild card entry, has refused to be part of the show. She is believed to have said that she does not want to put her existing title and recognition at stake by entering the show. As per the format of the show, the Zee Bangla or Zee Marathi winners make a direct entry at a certain stage", further states our source.

Well, as we bid goodbye to yet another deserving talent, we just hope that we get back few of the eliminated kids who are rich in talent, back into the show.. 

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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waiting for the episode.
hope the wild card round happens soon.

14 years ago

Na fankar tujhsa tere baad aaya........ Md.Rafi tu bahat yaad aay ......

14 years ago

it was a bit shock to mee........................what this happened yarr.....??
this time i think abhijeet is to be eleminated till now only week is going out...........but this time best goes out.
not this is all being scriped for sure now ony one abhi. & alka's best will be safe.
1) Yashodhan Raokadam
2) Shalini Mukherjee
now 3rd will i best d best of all Yatharth as they are deserving and are going out so not it is not worth to see

14 years ago

I want Priyanka to come back in the wild card..and why didn't they invite Farah Naaz?

14 years ago

Finally a good decision... Swarit should follow suit.... Hope priyanka come back as a Wild-card entry.... IMHO Yatharth ans Shreyashi should be in the finals...

14 years ago it was m. rafi theme that got her eliminated.

i wish yashodhan could come as a wild card though

14 years ago

I would like Yaddhart to win Li'l champs this time. That boy has a melodious voice.

14 years ago

WOW time to celebrate!! cant stand her...she doesnt know how to sing

14 years ago

both films that will clash with victory will star priyanka (weird coincidence) maybe she could get the dates changed

15 years ago

In LIFE,sometimes you have to lose so that you can have a VICTORY.

15 years ago

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