Ali Fazal reveals directors advised him against Mirzapur, but his instinct proved them wrong

Ali Fazal recently revealed that directors had advised him of not doing Mirzapur.

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Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal, has established himself as an actor who thrives on his craft rather than the noise surrounding it. His remarkable journey in the film industry spans Bollywood and even Hollywood, with appearances in films like "Furious 7" and "Death On The Nile." However, for many, Ali is synonymous with his iconic role as Guddu Pandit in the popular Indian TV series "Mirzapur." Interestingly, Ali recently shared that he was advised against being a part of the show by some directors.

During a conversation at the Mumbai conclave organized by India Today, Ali Fazal shed light on the early days of "Mirzapur" and the reservations some had about it. He revealed that at the time when he was offered, there weren’t many shows happening. But he had the fortune of doing work on the other side of the world. He says he saw it coming. Also, a lot of known directors who asked him not to be a part of this (Mirzapur). They questioned, 'What are you doing? This will take 5-6 years to happen.'"

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Expanding on the topic, Ali explained, "The OTT model had been done in the West. So yeah, it is definitely a disruptor. We love our theatres, and I always do a film that is going to be out there. That is there in every actor."

While Ali Fazal has been part of the Hollywood movie "Kandahar," alongside Gerard Butler, he believes that Indian filmmakers are equally effective in their storytelling abilities, even in the spy genre. 

Currently, Ali Fazal can be seen in the spy thriller film "Khufiya," produced and directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, available for streaming on Netflix.

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How much longer do we have to wait for Mirzapur 3? It’s been almost 3 years.

4 months ago

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