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Actors speak about the Freedom of Speech and Expression!

TellyBuzz in talks with actors regarding the most valuable Fundamental Right, on the occasion of Republic Day!

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With the Open Letter trend buzzing these days, and one see the letter as a means of voicing out an opinion regarding the issue, we ask actors what do they think about the same and how Freedom of Speech and Expression can be utilized now, on the occasion of 65th Republic Day...

Neil Bhatt, currently seen as Zakir in Star Plus' popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum says,

"This is the first time freedom of speech has been exercised by us and this is the first time our Prime Minister has invited us to speak our mind out directly to him. So, I don't think its wrong to come out and speak. Nowadays the mode of communication has changed from those formal letters to social networking sites. The problem with the former is we never know whether we are being heard or not. So, I guess that's why people are resorting to social networks. Regarding the issue of defaming, people who are on the receiving end, are always going to do that; so its better to speak out than keep quiet. "

Mansi Shrivastav who is seen in SAB TV's Peterson Hill says,

"Writing Open letter is a sensible way to give your opinion. We all have this right, and we can use it when we feel something wrong is happening to us or around us to make people hear our voice and to make them aware of our situation. However, unnecessary sympathy gaining by open letters is not what I support. But yes genuine feedback and opinions are always welcome."

Pooja Gor currently seen as host in Savdhaan India - India Fights Back on Life OK says,

"I don't see anything wrong in voicing one's opinion on a social networking sites. Also that's one of the best ways to reach out to the people. It makes one's view more authentic."

Deepshika Nagpal last seen in Colors' Bigg Boss 8 says,

“I feel the concept of Open letter and that the topic of Defamation is a crucial topic and I feel voicing out on a social media platform is the right thing one person can do. Social media is a platform that connects to a large number of audience and so talking about such serious topic needs such platform.”

Payal Rohatgi who is seen in Sony TV's Humsafars says ,

"Republic day is a day that reminds you about the fundamental rights. Especially in today's  time expressing one's views and hearing out those should be given more prominence."

TellyBuzz Team

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JhaCreation 6 years ago pooja & mansi is my fav television actresses thanks for getting both view in single article
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LovelyKiran482 6 years ago Pooja n deepshu u both r lovely ladies in this topic.
Love u both of u.
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awida 6 years ago Happy republic day Mansi Shrivastav. Love you very much. You are doing a gr8 job as Shatabdi in Peterson Hill.
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Incense 6 years ago Happy republic day Neil plz come back soon
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