Abhijeet and Shilpa richer by 2 lakhs...

Jodi No 12 Abhijeet Sawant and Shilpa got a perfect 30, thus winning the 2 lakhs cash prize from the EMI team in Nach Baliye..

This week’s Nach Baliye has something special in store for the jodis, as the Anna of Bollywood, Suniel Shetty and the sexy Malaika Arora of EMI will give away a cash prize of 2 lakhs to the best performing Jodi…

As all the Jodis geared up to impress the celebrity judges, Jodi # 12, Abhijeet Sawant and Shilpa walked away with the money as they were adjudged the ‘Best’ by the EMI team…

According to our source, “Abhijeet and Shilpa played a tribute to the father and son pair of Rishi Kapoor & Ranbir Kapoor. They did a medley on the song Bachna Ae Haseeno. The whole performance had lot of steps that reminisces of Rishi, Raj, Randhir, Shashi and Shammi Kapoor. The only step, which was missing, was of Karisma Kapoor, which was completed by Karisma herself; when the couple requested her to come up, shake a leg with them, to complete the tribute to RK family!”

Abhijeet and Shilpa who got good marks in the very first episode of Nach Baliye could not recreate the same magic for the past two weeks, but did marvelously well this time and got applauded by the judges! “They got a perfect 30 and also were the worthy winners of 2 lakhs, which the EMI team gave them for their best performance”, concludes our source.

Three cheers to Jodi # 12 for this achievement!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Karisma Kapoor

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Ranbir Kapoor

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Shammi Kapoor

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Rishi Kapoor

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Abhijeet Sawant

Comments (18)

this jodi was very very good and light on their feet they were the best they deserve it,but can someone please post this or please let KARISHMA and FARAH know that as an english speaking person that we cringe and it''s digusting to hear them try to speak english and hear them pronouncing the words incorrectly,please you are in india what''s wrong with speaking the lanuage u know?thier is no such words as YOUUALL OR KARRYit sounds so frigging digusting to hear them speak,FARAH with her mighty attitude deserve to be ban as a judge for trying to put down the jodi''s and disgrace them for their performance,rem it''s just a straight on dance not a cut and join as they do in movies with 100 retakes give these ppl a chance farah and as for KARISHMA you are a HAVE BEEN, don''t be jealous because these jodis are are the limelight now pleaseee speak the languge u know

15 years ago

Hopefully this jodi will do what Abhijeet did in Indian Idol...win the final round!

15 years ago

im so happy for them!!thay trully deserved it!!

15 years ago

it was awesome...lolll
Esp. in the begining when abhijeet is wearing that silk robe thing Ranbir wears in da songg..

15 years ago

Suniel!!!!!!!!!! *sighs* lol...
Congratz AS;)


15 years ago

aww...that''s so sweet that they did a dance on the r.k. family!

15 years ago


Good luck to them!

15 years ago

WOW, I really love their pair. they are really good. Keep up the good Work Abhijit and Shilpa.

15 years ago

Abhijeet as a singer- 10/10..just perfect he''s & Now Abhijeet as a dancer..aww! 10/10..
Great combo Abhijeet way to go...& u r going good..
All d best..

15 years ago

thats good
congo to them

would b looking forward to this

15 years ago

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