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Aastha Choudhary dons a double role...

Another twist in Sony's Babul Ka Aangann as Swayam's lover Payal and Aastha's look-alike gets back...


Sony’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na will now give the audience double dose of drama as the lead actress Aastha Choudhary is all set to play a double role!!

“Swayam’s love Payal is alive and this is the next twist for the viewers”, reveals Producer Ratna Sinha. When asked whether Payal is negative, Ratna Sinha quips, “Yes, she has kidnapped Aastha and is now into the house as Aastha”. Ask her about the intentions of Payal, and Ratna states, “She is taking advantage of the similar look!! She wants to take revenge against the entire Ranawat family for separating her from Swayam. Also she will create misunderstandings between the two brothers, Shubh and Swayam”.

So what other twists can the audience look forward to? “The track gets more interesting when someone from the family gets to know Payal’s identity and this is where the drama starts!!”.

So time for more suspense and drama in Ratna Sinha’s Babul Ka Aangann….

Reporter : Ranjini Nair
Author:Srividya Rajesh


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Servulo 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Too_Much 12 years ago Kool
Darsheel did a wonderful job
queenidda 12 years ago ughh prob anushka will find out her truth n make dirty plans with her... man i feel sooo sry for shubh!!!
Forever_in_love 12 years ago Same OLD storiesssss of every serial.. itss soo damnnn stupid!!..
tumhari? 12 years ago hmmmm interesting lets see what happens thnxxx
Payal25 12 years ago thanks.
Oh lord, another twist.
Atleast its Payal that gets married with Swayam and NOT Astha. Poor Shubh. :(
animateash 12 years ago thnxxx and i agree wth jennny copy lolzzzz
cameroon16 12 years ago This is copied from the IF members
Completely agree with IBserenity
Well atleast the members saved the show
Now we know Payal will get married to Swayam not Astha
IBserenity 12 years ago lol did they copy that from the members of the forum? cuz i've been hearing this in the BKACN forum for weeks now! hhahaha funny....
tulipbaby53 12 years ago ooh! i love good drama! this will be interesting!
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