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A Friendship's Day Special

Celebrate Friendship's Day with TellyBuzz, as we give you a special treat from Bollywood, Indian Television and with contestants from SRGMP and VOI.

Published: Sunday,Aug 05, 2007 11:15 AM GMT-06:00
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Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person because you neither have to weigh your thoughts nor measure your words. Friendship between two people is a special bond which is a gift we give ourselves. Friends fill the life with loads of happiness and are there during times of darkness or light. A friend listens to us patiently and never gets tired which is the most important aspect of a friend and suddenly a big problem turns into a bubble. August 5th is celebrated as the International Friendship Day. Though there is no sorry and thank you in friendship, this is the day we take as an opportunity to thank our friends for their friendship over the years, and show them how much they mean to you.

In Bollywood we have many films that touch on different aspects of friendship. Many films have been made on sacrifice for a friend, the bonding trust and many such factors that rule this wonderful relationship. Coming to television, before the saas - bahu reign, Indian television had the perfect blend of stories that one could relate to about youth, friendship and much more. TellyBuzz takes you down the memory lane of such movies and shows that gave friendship a new meaning all together followed by chit chats with a few contestants of SRGMP and the Star Voice of India.

“A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” This is rightly said by Fr. Jerome Cummings. That regardless of what we are, or who we become, you’re true friends will love you no matter what.

We have Mohd. Irfan and Aabhas Joshi of Star Voice of India and Aneek Dhar and Amaanat Ali of SaReGaMaPa who talk about what their friends and friendship, truly means to them.

A Friendships Day Special
Tell us about yourself:

I am basically a Software Engineer. I jumped into the SVOI because I wanted to change my dreams and become a big singer. I am surely on my way to becoming one, I am working very hard and I am sure I will make it one day!

What does Friendship mean to you?

Friendship means a lot to me. It is the best thing that one can have. If we have one or two friends who are really close, it helps when we are in bad times. Ofcourse, they are always there in good times and that is not accountable, but in times of need, it really matters a lot to have one or two close friends with whom you can share things, the things which we cannot even talk with our parents.

One friend who means everything to you, tell us about him/her?

His name is Abdul Majhid. He is my best friend from childhood. We did schooling and college together. Infact we are neighbours too, we share everything and we are always seen together. Whether it be studying, roaming around, going for picnics, we both have always been together.

One thing you would like to convey to your friend on Friendship Day..

Yes, he is now in Australia, has gone there for his studies. I really miss him a lot, it is painful to have been together all the time and now being away from each other. This time when I went to Hyderabad, I missed him like crazy because whenever I am there he would be with me , receive me, drop me at the airport. Even if he is far away today, the connection between us is still there..

One thing in you that your friends look up to always?

My Simplicity! Many of my friends have told me that even if I perform on channels and in shows, I have not changed and I remain 'Myself' .

A song you would dedicate to your friend.

The title song of Dil Chahta Hai..

A Friendships Day Special
What is the meaning of friendship in your life?

Friendship is a very pure sacred feeling within two friends. I feel it should not be exposed. It has got no binds and has wide horizons.

One friend who means everything to you in your life?

I don’t have many friends as such. But yes I can easily say my Dad is and has always been my best friend.

Being a musical person can you tell a song that you would want to dedicate to your friend?

Yes, I would dedicate the song to my father. It is his favourite song too. It’s a Rabindra Sangeet “ Klanti Amaar Khoma Koro Prabhu”.

Among the contestants who you could call as your best friend? Someone with whom you would love to spend your friendship day!

It would be Amanat. He is a very nice person. I can easily call him my best friend among the contestants.

A Friendships Day Special
Tell us about yourself..

I am the youngest of the lot here. I am 17 years old. I am from Jabalpur, want to become a playback singer. I am learning music from my brother.

Life without friendship is like…

Life is very dry without friends. All aer really friendly here and we are all good friends. This helps..

One friend who means everything to you, tell us about him/her..

Ya, here, there is Irfan, Harshid. Whenever I am sad, they help me out. Whenever they are upset, I always try to make them happy.

A thing that you would always like to imbibe from friends?

I am friends following different culture. I like to grab the good things in all of them and I love to be close to all.

How do you always spend Friendship Day back home?

I always buy gifts for my friends, we have a small party at home and we enjoy being together.

A Song you would dedicate to your friend..

The song Meri Dosti Mera Pyaar from the Film Dosti.

A Friendships Day Special
What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship is among the closest relationships that we have in our life. It is not a blood relationship but at times more than that.

One friend who means everything to you and what it is that connects you to that friend?

He is my cousin living in Pakistan – Ali Abbas. He is my best friend. We are very close to each other and know each other so well that at times we don’t even need to say it in words to express ourselves to each other.

If you were to dedicate a friendship band to someone you met recently who would it be?

After I came to India the first person to be my friend is Mauli. And now she is my best friend. So I would dedicate it to her.

Any memorable moment with your friend's?

Just now I am reminded of just one incident. On the friendship day episode Himeshji gave a completely different picture to my friendship with a very close friend of mine. That was very wrong. And I can’t forget that even now.

I would like to say four lines for this day…

Be slow in choosing friends,

And slower in loosing them,

Because friendship is not an opportunity,

But a sweet responsibility.

Friendship can be defined in so many ways – But a true friend is one who understands the mood of another friend even without expressing. A friend is one to whom we run to during any moment in our life. And for these contestants who have come so far with their dreams in eyes, their competitors become their friends and when one leaves the other during elimination, that becomes the toughest moment for them in the contest. These contestants actually set an example of a true friend even being a competitor, they help them to perform well and give a moral support during their times of difficulty.

India – Forums wishes these contestants and its members a Happy Friendship Day!! Enjoy this Special Treat of Chit-Chats and a Pleasant Trip into some of the Evergreen Films on 'Friendship'... We end with the note - 'May your friendship with your friends blossom always. '

Author: Barnali, Hiral Anju Bhatt
Slide show: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Minnie
Reporters: Barnali, SriVidya Rajesh
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