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Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai

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YCKH-22th sept10 written update

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sukklover 1 2303 12 years ago Zeniya
is this show comming to end...

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YCKH-23th sept10 written update

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Survey on Indian Television Industry-NYU Poly

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YCKH-1st sep10 written update

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Juhi parmar to perform in Tere Liye

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Juhi Parmar

DelightedHeart 3 2962 12 years ago sweetjuhi

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CK Youtube Links Updated 4/08 - Pg 13

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CK TIME Schedules & Promos!! 13Jan10 NEW !!

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surakshita 21 4713 12 years ago sweetjuhi


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Juhi Parmar
Juhi Parmar

as: Chanda Rani

Chanda Rani is beautiful, intelligent, confident and Clever lawyer. To prove her superiority she can use any means to beat V.N in the court. Everyone including the judge is mesmerized by her beauty ...

Asif Sheikh
Asif Sheikh

as: Vibhuti Narayan

Vibhuti Narayan is a young, intelligent lawyer in his mid thirties. He is born and brought up in Delhi in a reputed family of lawyers.He thinks that he is bigger than the biggest in his profession.He ...

Tiku Talsania
Tiku Talsania

as: Judge Prem Kapoor

Prem Kapoor is a happy go lucky judge. He doesn't carry the seriousness of a judge. He hails from a family of judges and to carry on the family tradition his father bribed the system to get him a ...

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