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*//Congratulations On 2nd Anniv.At IF Aishuu dear[melodica]\\*

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Angel_Luv 23 5399 7 years ago melodica
Bhaktin Billi

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anonee 4 1395 7 years ago Sharlene1410
Kratika Sengar......Just for you !

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Kratika Sengar

Chitra_11 5 1736 7 years ago KratikaTheDiva.
Fun Post: Natru on Baahubali

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anonee 3 1822 7 years ago angof
||Servicewali Bahu Banner Contest Winner||

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jyoti06 15 3218 7 years ago Sanskruthi
What's next

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Saw Abhishek Rawat at Bistro 1 (Lokhandwala) today

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Abhishek Rawat

michelle281194 1 1461 7 years ago iloveukratika
A MUST READ: Newspaper article on NATRU

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~**Happy Birthday to the Spellbinding Kratika Sengar**~

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Kratika Sengar

Siddu246 202 28293 7 years ago boba
Index to my Posts

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anonee 2 1090 7 years ago aimf


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Ramakanth Daayama
Ramakanth Daayama

as: Bhuvneshwar Rai

A happy go lucky person, he is Payal's Father who is very open minded and shares a great bond with Payal. Having ensured that he educates both his daughters, Bhuvneshwar Rai is very proud of both his ...

Vineet Kumar Singh
Vineet Kumar Singh

as: Ayodhya Prasad

He is the eldest son of Jogeshwar Prasad. He is the head of the house and takes all the decisions. He was the master mind along with Jogeshwar behind Dev and Payal''s marriage.

Meena Mir
Meena Mir

as: Payal's Mother

She is Payal''s mother who is very much supportive of her daughter .

Neeraj Sood
Neeraj Sood

as: Payal's Mama

He plays Payal''s Mama in the show

Abhishek Rawat
Abhishek Rawat

as: Dev Prasad

Simple, sweet, innocent, native guy. He is very low on confidence and falls short of words when it comes to expressing. He loves Payal a lot but fails to express the same.

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