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~*~RFs Apana Creative Album~*~

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Relive Remix

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All new and existing memers

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RFs doubt box- - - post & clear dem here!

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Remix Gallery - 2 (NO COMMENTS)

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*~!tHe ShEd oF aRcHiVeS!~*

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why your topics were closed?

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Remix complete episodes on Youtube!!

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Remix Memorable Moments :)

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VIEW ALL right-dir
Manav Gohil
Manav Gohil

as: Prof. Mitra

A stern professor, a stickler by the rules, he steps into the shoes of the adored Raghav Sir.

Raj Singh Arora
Raj Singh Arora

as: yuvi

the coolest dude of maurya is crazy about music

Priya Wal
Priya Wal

as: Anvesha(Ashi)

ashi,gal with red hair is full of cool attitude

Archana Puran Singh
Archana Puran Singh

as: Pri

One of Tia's angel, sweet at heart and fond of eating

Karan Wahi
Karan Wahi

as: ranveer

ranveer is a sweet & loving boy

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