Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein Cast Á Crew

Tanmay is a very nice character, positive and cute, yet aggressive and short-tempered.

Kadambari(Karthik and Karan mother)

Dadaji. The head of the household

Suman’s best friend and room-mate. Kanchan is vivacious and full of life. She has never been loaded with too much responsibility since she is the youngest of the three siblings. She is pampered by the entire family including her elder brothers, Karan and Kartik but she keeps her limits in mind and makes it a point not to do anything which will infuriate her elders or will break the customs of her house.

Kanchan’s 23 year old brother, Karan is a born charmer. He charms everyone with his never ending tales, his forgetfulness, his outgoing nature and his endearing smile. His helpful nature lands him in trouble more often than not but that’s just one more reason why everyone loves him. No one can help but get attracted to him and Suman is no exception!

The older of the two brothers, Kartik is just the opposite of Karan. He is quiet, talks to the point, is reserved but has a heart of gold. At 26 years of age, he shoulders more responsibility than most in the household. Dadaji sees a reflection of himself in Kartik because of his responsible and dependable nature. He respects elders, adheres to family traditions and is the ideal son.

A beautiful, innocent 20 year old orphan for whom family, relationships and love have always been mere words. Her room-mate Kanchan and her personal diary are her best friends whom she confides in and are the only ones she considers her own. Suman is emotional and has a heart as pure as the Ganges. The thought of lying to someone gives her jitters but she is not afraid of standing up for what she thinks is right. She is responsible and is almost like a mother figure in the hostel, even though she has never known what a mother is. Her honest, angel-like eyes are a window to her soul and her sweet, compliant nature is liked by one and all.

She is chosen by Kadambari for Kartik, during Karan and Suman's wedding. She is insecure of her relationship with Kartik and thinks that he is always giving Suman more importance than her. She is easily manipulated by Vidya Bua, and goes as far as to get Suman kidnapped to keep Kartik for herself.