'Palkon ki Chaaon Mein' is a heart- warming tale of an orphan girl Suman, whose dreams of finding family and love come true when she is accepted by a very lovable and traditional joint family. She finds both a loving family and the love of her life Karan, in this new home. But fate intrudes as she realizes that Karan's mother has ordained her for his elder brother Karthik. She eventually realizes that destiny has its own way of granting wishes and it ultimately gives you what you truly deserve. Set in the heart of India, the story of loving, losing and rediscovering love unfolds amidst grandeur, magnificence and scenic beauty of Madhya Pradesh. The story will also showcase myriad customs, rituals and exquisite festival celebrations. Palkon ki Chaaon mein' will see Amrapali Dubey play the lead role of Suman, while Shoaib Ibrahim and Sumit Vyas will play the roles of Karan and Karthik respectively.
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