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Parvarrish - Picture Gallery #3 [No Comments] [DT Note p.4]

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Parvarrish - Creation Gallery #1

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Parvarrish - Help Desk #1

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Parvarrish - Archive Mansion [No Comments]

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Parvarrish - Written/Video Update Archives [No Comments]

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Parvarrish - Forum Rules and Regulations [Read Carefully]

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Parvarrish Forum to be Locked!

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Banner is Up!

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Diary of a Young Teenager

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New Poll: Which TV Actor Are You Missing The Most

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Rupali Ganguly
Rupali Ganguly

as: Ex- Pinky Ahuja

An Understanding and friendly mother to her kids, she is the second daughter and has always been the softer, sensitive, sensible of the Khanna household. Khanna saab has had great respect and ...

Vivek Mushran
Vivek Mushran

as: Lucky Singh Ahluwalia

A street smart, happy-go-lucky, flamboyant and non ' interfering father, Lucky is a real estate agent and a self made man. While he loves both his kids, he strongly believes in the maxim that a boy ...

Vivek Madan
Vivek Madan

as: Lovely Khanna

The youngest of the siblings, Lovely refused to join his father's business and nor did he agree to conform to a regular job life. As a child, he was caught between his father's, Pinky's and Sweety's ...

Vishal Singhh
Vishal Singhh

as: Jeet Ahuja

A balanced, sensible and practical person, Jeet is due for a promotion as the manager at his bank's branch. He had always been a topper but could not make to the IIMs and so feels left behind. Due for ...

Shweta Tiwari
Shweta Tiwari

as: Sweety Maya Ahuwalia

Sweety is a control freak, strict and dominating when it comes to her kids.The eldest daughter, who had to do as good as sister and thus in the process decided to just be one extreme ' strict, ...

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