Main Teri Parchhain Hoon Cast Á Crew

She is Jaya’s mother who is very religious and God fearing. She is the ideal wife who does not speak against her husband’s thoughts, yet has accepted Siddharth as her son in law.

She is a young girl with a modern outlook towards life. She is ambitious and her career is of utmost importance to her. She is all set to pursue Fashion Merchandising when life takes a different turn for her. She is an honest person with high moral values and believes in traditions and customs. Anchal is very attached to her family and is an extremely sentimental young woman.

He is Jaya’s husband. He is a responsible person and a genuine and sincere human being. He is a poet at heart but doesn’t portray his true self as he is an introvert and doesn’t showcase his poetic ability. Jaya is the love of his life and they share an ideal marriage and life.

He is Mamaji’s family doctor. He is handsome, charming and an eligible bachelor. Sudeep has always loved Aanchal but has never been able to profess his love for her.

He is Siddharth’s younger brother. He is light hearted, witty and lively. He and Siddharth are like real brothers (although they are step brothers). He respects Siddharth and Jaya and loves their children dearly. Dheeraj is an ambitious young man and is pursuing a part time MBA.

He is Hariman’s second wife and is Dheeraj’s real mother. She is selfish and egoistic and the children aren’t very fond of her. She gets along very well with Chanchal (Dheeraj’s wife) and is very materialistic. She constantly feels that she sacrificed her life to bring up Siddharth but hasn’t received the respect she deserved and hence differentiates a lot between Dheeraj and Siddharth.

She and her husband Neeraj have brought up Anchal and their own son Manu. She doesn't differentiate between the two. She dream of providing Anchal the best that life has to offer.

He is the younger brother of Ramankant and Chanchal's father. He is quite envious of his elder brother's achievements and deep down one day wants to own the entire business and property.

He and his wife ave brought up Anchal and their own son Manu. He doesn't differentiate between the two. He dreams of providing Anchal the best that life has to offer. Mamaji is a jovial person and is the father figure in Anchal’s life.

He is Mamaji's and Mami’s son, and Aanchal’s cousin. He is a typical teenager who is carefree and happy go lucky. He is good friends with Aanchal and treats her as his real sister.

He is Jaya’s father. An affluent and sophisticated man, he commands authority in the family as he is the eldest brother. He hasn’t accepted Siddharth as his son-in-law and everyone in the family is scared of him as he is a strict disciplinarian.

She is a 32 year old ideal housewife and mother. She is completely devoted to her family and they are everything for her. She is a sensitive and loving person and her strongest asset is her simplicity. She adheres to the hierarchies and traditions of a joint family and wins all battles through her immense patience.

He is Siddharth and Dheeraj’s father. He is a retired teacher the head of the family but doesn’t have much authority within the family. He is in constant disagreement with Lailta about her behavior towards Siddharth, Jaya and the grandchildren, but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to change his wife. He is very fond of Jaya and the kids and supports her in whatever manner he can.

She is Dheeraj’s wife and Jaya’s first cousin. She is jealous of Jaya because Jaya is better than her in her duties and responsibilities. She is a selfish and materialistic person and also happens to be her mother-in-law’s favourite in the family. She always uses this position to underline her importance to all in the family.

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